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Trump's Neocon Response To Iran

Category: Donald Trump
Posted: 02/03/17 16:20

by Dave Mindeman

This seems like a familiar line of reasoning....

The United States accuses an Arab nation of aggressive actions. The US also states that sanctions have again been placed on that country for violating agreements. The White House makes accusations of new weapon related actions by the Arab nation. The President and senior advisers warn this Arab nation that they are monitoring the situation and are on heightened alert.

We seem to be posturing for war.

No, this is not Iraq under George W. Bush. This is Donald Trump in the first 2 weeks of his Presidency making threats against Iran.

It is a very neo-con type reaction. Almost as if they are looking for a reason to take us into war against them. Heighten the rhetoric. Make a more aggressive posture. Look for an opening that can justify an attack.

Trump's idea of being tough is looking more like the neocon pre-emptive strike policy. Trump is taking the dangerous step of provocation. He is daring Iran to make an aggressive move - to give him the excuse.

Our sailors in the Persian Gulf are virtual decoys. Trump wants the Iranian gunboats to do something...anything..against our ships.

I hope that all the Trump lovers out there are prepared for this, because a wrong move here and the entire gulf could erupt into war. The dominoes of aggression are poised to fall - and our President does not seem to care about the consequences.

This is stupid.


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