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The Destruction Of Mike Pence

Category: Donald Trump
Posted: 02/05/17 15:30

by Dave Mindeman

Watching Mike Pence is cringeworthy. He has obviously sold out. His contortions on defending the actions of the President are pretzel worthy..and getting very tiresome.

Doesn't he have an opinion of his own anymore? We were told that he has principles. That he does not blow in the wind.

But apparently that is completely wrong.

Trump uses Pence as just another mouthpiece. A KellyAnne Conjob if you will. He can't possibly agree with Trump on Constitutional grounds, yet there he is, on all the talk shows, contorting and twisting like Houdini.

Pence defends the ban. Pence defends Trump's friendship with Russia. Pence defends disparaging judges. Pence ignores the GOP treatment of Garland.

Pence is a sellout of epic proportions.

Does Pence get something out of this? Is this purely to maintain his position as Vice President? Is he the President in waiting?

Whatever Pence is doing, it is damaging him for future endeavors. His convoluted defenses of all things Trump is going to come back to haunt him when he escapes the shackles he seems to be under.

Trump is poison. The Republicans who hold steadfast to this lunatic, will find it difficult to escape his drag on their careers.

Remember. We are taking notes.
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