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The So Called President As Disruptor

Category: Donald Trump
Posted: 02/05/17 23:22

by Dave Mindeman

So called President Trump seems to be so focused on stopping every possible bad guy coming into our country, that he has forgotten some very basic things about who we are.

Of the thousands of people that enter on visas or refugee status or simple immigration, there is little evidence that ANY of them (I mean zero) are actual terrorists. None of them.

All the terrorist activities that have befallen the United States have come from radicalized individuals who succumb to the false message of hate and mistreatment. Most of the Muslims that were involved were born here and find a message that doesn't treat them like second class people.

But not all of the horrific attacks are done by people radicalized. A number of them are white supremacists, or racists, or religious zealots...but we don't alter any of our policies regarding them. Nothing changes because some crazy with a gun goes on a rampage. In fact, Congress seems to be more than willing to make firearms more easily accessible for them.

But in Trump's zeal to make us believe that we are safer by restricting Muslims is the very real fact that he is disrupting the lives of hundreds and thousands of law abiding people. People who have the legal right to be here. People that have undergone serious scrutiny already and have the papers to prove it.

Those people are kept from their families. Kept from research projects. Kept from going to universities. Kept from teaching classes. And kept from doing important work at US corporations.

Trump makes no provisions for that. He wants us to believe that he has protected us from his own imaginary threats and ideas.

It is not right and it is not an American value. Trump is targeting innocent people and why the Republican Congress does not object is beyond comprehension.

Trump is much more of a problem to many people in this country then any terrorist could hope to be. Terrorism wants to disrupt our lives but as long as we have Trump as so called President, their disruption is already in place.
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