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Betsy DeVos: It's Not Political - It's Competency

Category: Donald Trump
Posted: 02/06/17 21:15

by Dave Mindeman

My entire problem with Betsy DeVos is competency. We have a complex education system in the US and we have saddled it with more than just education problems. There is already too much social work in education but without public schools identifying kids at risk, we would be in much more trouble than we are.

Betsy DeVos has no idea how a public school should operate. She isolated herself from the country's education intentionally and has always put in critiques from the outside looking in - without a clue as to why things are the way they are.

Education is vital to economic growth. Education must prepare our young people for the vital jobs of a new information age. And Betsy DeVos has no developed skills to deal with that.

Republicans complain about Federal government interference and the need for local control in education. Even if that is your education argument, Betsy DeVos is a horrible choice. She has never been involved with local control in the public education sector. She has intentionally been outside of it and has criticized it with no actual frame of reference.

She has never bothered to familarize herself with Federal education law and regulation. She may be a very smart individual and eager to learn, but this is not a job for amateurs and on the job training. Education is too vital.

And if you want to argue that Federal remedies are just throwing money at problems and hoping....then, again, Betsy DeVos is a bad choice. She has been throwing money at politicians for over a decade. She is known to Republicans as a donor - not as an education problem solver.

Betsy DeVos should not be confirmed just because Trump nominated her and Republicans do not want to risk a political defeat. She is not a talking point or an administration victory.

Betsy DeVos is just one thing - a very bad choice for the Department of Education.
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02/10/17 22:06
In all fairness Betsy DeVos is totally unqualified to be Secretary of Education. She was exposed for her lack of experience in education and for her lack of knowledge regarding education as it exists pre-K though post-grad. Her experience is limited to advocacy for charter schools and home schooling. Basically, she represents the antithesis of public education. The Senate Republicans showed their disregard for education and educators. This was a shameful nomination that was a payoff to a faithful donor; simple as that. God help us.


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