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Testing The Limits

Category: Donald Trump
Posted: 02/09/17 01:49

by Dave Mindeman

Donald Trump fired off a Tweet that criticized Nordstrom's Retail Corp for cancelling its contract with his daughter Ivanka's clothing line.

The President of the United States criticizing an American company about how they do business with his relatives. Unprecedented. And dangerous. Our current President thinks that his office (not just himself personally) is free to weight on the decisions of US businesses and individuals. The man with the nuclear codes believes that he is the final arbiter on everything. And that any affront to his personal business can be retaliated against.

Think the Founders thought about that one?

Attempts have been made to address this very thing, but it has always been assumed that the President would adhere to the most basic sense of ethics.

We do not have that in this President. No, we have a President that seems determined to monetize his position - to benefit financially from being President of the US. To utilize a merger of governance and personal wealth accumulation to the most extreme measure possible.

Trump is convinced that if it benefits him, then he should be allowed to take advantage of those benefits. Whatever he thinks is right, is the way it should be. Anyone who disagrees are simply wrong.

That goes for Congress. That goes for the courts. That goes for the Office of Ethics.

This President is going to test the limits of all things Constitutional. He will follow the rules only if he wishes to.

And so far, nobody seems willing to stop it.
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02/09/17 14:45
The Clinton empire made the exploitation of official office for personal gain a fine art form. Bill's son-in-law had to abandon his hedge fund recently. Why? Bill and Hillary's fall from their lofty perch. The Donald's twitter posts should be ignored. Silence him and the damage he causes will be minimal. Focus on what he does and not what he tweets.

The founders were unable to imagine Twitter and a Tweeter-in-Chief. Equally enigmatic to founders is the existence of a button that can end all life as we know it.

Trump is so far out ahead of the media they cannot keep up. He gets cover for outrageous actions by making simultaneous outrageous yet unrelated statements that mean nothing. Meanwhile, the media pushes 'news' on the front page above the fold space with faux outrage over hyperbolic facts (aka the murder rate being one recent example). Meaningful facts and analysis go to page B6. Hyperbole is not news. Who cares?

If the markets respond to Nordstrom's negatively over this tweet, the implications are insignificant since the bottom line for Nordstrom's has little to do with the Donald's opinion.



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