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America: Home Of The Brave, Except For...

Category: Donald Trump
Posted: 02/12/17 12:47, Edited: 02/12/17 12:47

by Dave Mindeman

America, land of the free...home of the brave.

Yes, Americans are brave....

except maybe about refugees. After all, there might a terrorist or two among the thousands searching for a home. We can't take any chances.

except maybe about voting. We might have a few voter fraud votes in the billions that are cast in our democracy. Have to find a way to protect ourselves from those potential, phantom illegal votes.

except maybe about our Mexican border. We are uneasy about that border with Mexico because it seem to be porous and fraught with dangers. We need to protect ourselves from this foreign power.... maybe a $50 billion wall would make us more brave.

except maybe about immigrants. We have so many illegal ones, but all of those other immigrants don't look and act like us. And in these dangerous times we can't be too careful. Maybe we need to stop as much of that as possible. Maybe that would help us to be more brave.

except maybe about trade with other countries. We have to protect American goods. Trade deficits are getting too high. Need to put more tariffs on imports and fight those looming trade wars. Our economy is so weak. Maybe that will make us braver about trade.

except maybe about taxes. Our taxes are just too high. Corporations have such trouble making bigger profits. We don't really need to pay for the budget. We should cut taxes. It will make us braver.

except maybe about protesters. Protesters are making us less safe. They can get too violent and we need more laws protecting us from protesters. We can't let them say and do whatever they want. We have to squash some of this dissent. That will make us braver.

except maybe about Muslims and Islam. Because they don't act Christian enough. That makes us uncomfortable and fearful. We need to fix that and be suspicious of all of that. If we can make our country a more Christian country, that will make us braver.

Yes, America is the land of the brave....except for a few things that we are afraid of. Once we get all of those worked out, we can be a braver land, fearful of nothing and land of the mostly free. Mostly.
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Pete Boelter
02/13/17 01:20
What do President Donald Trump and Professor Harorld Hill have in common? Yup, they both sought to personally profit by planting fear in their respective audiences. For Hill the problem facing River City was a pool table (and more) that was trouble for the River City youth. Hill preached hie gospel of fear., "friends, the idle brain is the devil's playground." Huckster Hill's fabricated fears could be fixed by band participation. Only Professor Hill's music education could fix it with parent funding for instruments and uniforms. Hill was a fraud, the fears a Hill con job and he had the people in the palm of his hand.

Trump's con unfortunately isn't the story of a fictional music man, but the real life nightmare of a sleazy character who propagated hate lies, distortions and more creating a fear of Muslims, Mexicans. "They are murderers, rapists, terrorists and more." Only I can fix it so he says. We are in a dangerous place as so many people buy the con.

Maslow knew man's most basic needs were security based. Trump played upon our need for safety. He put the fear of murder, rape and terrorism into our frontal lobes and then promised to be the fixer...at any cost. So now we have extreme vetting and travel bans, multi-billion dollar walls being built and black shirts rounding up the aliens. We are in trouble.


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