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Our Deepest Responsibility

Category: Environment
Posted: 04/10/17 00:44

by Dave Mindeman

The current counter arguments about climate change are less about facts, and more about rigid political ideology. The climate change deniers would have you believe that a 97 percent consensus on science facts is nothing more than a liberal bias of opinion. Remember, this is about facts. Scientific study. Research. Data. Painstaking analysis.

But the deniers, and the majority are conservative, refuse to accept the scientific community's studies because they are afraid that in the short term our economy will be stunted in its growth. But that is not true. When our president says we are going to have "clean coal, really clean coal," he does not seem to even realize that coal has been priced out of the energy market. Natural gas has won the competition of the market place -- and renewable energy is rapidly gaining its own market share.

We owe it to future generations to end this ridiculous challenge of fact and find ways to make the planet as equally hospitable for the next generation as it has been for ours. It is our deepest responsibility.
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04/10/17 16:30
Deniers vs believers vs reality

The hypocrisy on all sides make for stunning optics. There is no dispute about climate changing. But the discussion is all about deny deny deny.

On the once side, you have those blaming coal and not one word about airplane fuel Really? A few years ago I flew to Sydney and New Zealand for a wonderful visit. One flight, round trip, and I accepted the personal responsibility for injected 2500 gallons of diesel fuel into the upper atmosphere. The other 350 people on board that 747 burned the same amount as me. It happens all-day-every-day with thousands of other flights just like it. With people motivated just like me--for fun. Yet the believers say nothing about how I pissed away more fuel in one joy ride taking 36 hours round trip. I will not consume that much fuel in DECADES of driving out for groceries.

Believers fail to develop practical solutions--like evacuating cities that consume ridiculous amounts of fuel for no reason. The population needs to be dispersed. The solution is dilution or eliminate the 2 hour/day round trip commutes.

Believers fail to develop fully formed plans to provide viable solutions to real problems--like it gets damn cold in MN and you would prefer a home heated to 68F in the winter and cooled to 74F in the summer. Instead of developing nuclear methods capable of rendering the fuel harmless, we INSIST on developing fission reactions that create Plutonium so we can some day blow up the USSR. Huh? What the heck kind of plan is that.

Deny deny deny. The debate is about weaponizing political ideology, not solving problems.

If you are in the 'believe' camp, then you should be advocating for completely different notions. Like draining the cities. Like evacuating Florida and most of the South Pacific islands. How about closing airports?

The optics of the hypocrisy is stunning...


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