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House Passes Trumpcare Giving the GOP A Mixed Future

Category: Health Care
Posted: 05/04/17 14:47

by Dave Mindeman

OK - the Republican House has voted to repeal and replace Obamacare. That has a number of ramifications.

First, it sends it to the Senate and the Senators will now have to be on the record with this as well...unless they bury it somehow.

Second, Democrats have the GOPers on the record. They have a vote that they must explain. Erik Paulsen had to get off the fence in order for this to pass, and it may be a sign off for his defeat in 2018.

Third, the bill now has to be officially scored by the CBO. That will be bad optics. The bill stays in the news for probably most of the summer, and we will continue to learn more about its shortcomings.

Fourth, although this is a method to fulfill a promise to their base, it will alienate independents and motivate Democrats.

Fifth, the bill clearly shows that there are divided factions within their own party which will continue to make it difficult to govern.

This bill is not law. This bill has a long way to go to be law. As the debate rages, the voters will make their judgments. Trump will put this on a win list, but it will also work against him in other ways.

When Nancy Pelosi held her pre-vote press conference, she almost looked happy. She knows this will be a potent issue in 2018 and that the healthcare responsibility has now officially landed into the GOP court. Pelosi knows how that feels and she is more than willing to be on the opposition side this time.

This is one of those, be careful what you wish for, moments....bigly.
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05/04/17 16:18
2018 is long time. And 2020 seems like an eternity. We have a short memory. Too early to agree with Dave or disagree.

News accounts are sketchy. No roll call appears on the House site until Friday. But today is not the litmus test everybody is claiming it to be--not in the eyes of the voters. Pelosi didn't look as much happy as she did senile. What will matter is the bill placed on Trump's desk later this summer. In the end, voters will tally the scorecard measured by their checkbook and decide. and from all accounts, if it doesn't cover the people, he may not sign it.

My advocacy recently changed from the impossible to get done position that we all need our own healthcare policy--disconnected from employers. What I think can get done is the approach used by medicare for decades. Cover the masses with a basic, and let the people elect to finance their small deductible using a supplemental plan. Pull out the 20% of the people triggering 80% of the cost and lower premiums on the 80%. We all enter the 20% group eventually. But during the time when we are in the 80%, we have our coverage. Today's vote appears to allow for this.

The Democrats are really dropping the ball on strategy. Trump is a malignant narcissist. Look it up...


Read his book.

This sociopath is a genius negotiator. Seriously. Look at issue-after-issue that lands him in the news. The wall, immigration, NAFTA, DPRK, Palestine, Brexit, Bannon, NATO, China, Putin, the UN. In each instance, he uses the very same strategy and Democrats and the media are so busy bashing his antics they fail to see what is obvious--read the damn book! Understand the Malignant part and they could play this guy like a 12 string guitar! Scares me but fortunately it is very difficult to fix stupid, and this comment post is not going to do it.

Look at NAFTA last week. He tweets he's going to kill NAFTA with his pen. He can't do it by EO but he can tweet it--and he did. In the process, the hair on Canada and Mexico's leadership spontaneously combusts over the $1Trillion negotiating chit he lobbed into the streets. They were on his phone the same day, begging to 'negotiate.' Had he used proper channels, it would never have happened and nobody would ever have heard about the attempts.

The UN and NATO was identical. Threaten to kill support for the organizations and suddenly Europe promises to do what the past 3 or 4 administrations could not--get them to pay more. Done!

He wanted a continuing resolution. So he threatens to sacrifice the most sacred of sacred cows. Public TV, the arts, and suddenly he 'caves-in' on a threat and the Dems race to support it--claiming they saved mankind from disaster. No, he got his way.

My biggest fear is that he threatens to kill the NFL by EO, he can't do it but man what things would the masses surrender voluntarily to change his mind. Scary!



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