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About Those Health Care Disparities....

Category: GOP Politics
Posted: 06/27/17 15:50

by Roxanne Mindeman

God knows, there are at least a thousand things to criticize about the Senate version of "Trumpcare", starting with it's official name - Better Care Reconciliation Act. Seriously? Who are they kidding? Better than what? A band aid and tweezers for major surgery? Yah, I suppose it's better than that - if you can afford the premium. Better for whom? The only clear winners are millionaires and billionaires who will get a tax cut averaging $30,000 per person, per year...forever.

And for those who aren't sufficiently irritated by that stupidity, there's the heard of male congressmen and senators who all got the memo that provides language for them to use to suggest that part of the problem with Obamacare is that women are just getting more than their fair share - you, know, like prenatal care. Never mind the indifference and disrespect that shows to their mothers daughters and wives, ... but are they really not concerned that their babies be born healthy and safe? And then there's the rage against maternity care as an essential benefit. And they seriously ask, "Why should I pay for coverage I'll never need?". Well gee, maybe they should be reminded that the premium paid by me and every other woman who pays a health insurance premium, covers treatment for testicular cancer - which I pretty likely will never have. And of course my premium also pays for their regular supply of erectile dysfunction pills. Should I get a premium reduction because I'll never use that ED coverage? Or maybe that's one of those "non-essential" benefits we should just stop covering. Hmmmm?

Just wondering
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