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DFL Gov Candidate Series: Rep. Tina Liebling

Category: MN 2016 Governor
Posted: 08/06/17 22:27

(This is the 4th installment in a DFL Gov. candidate series)

by Dave Mindeman

Rep. Tina Liebling has been good for the Rochester area and now wants to carry that forward for the state. I should say that Ms. Liebling has her work cut out for her - despite here exemplary representation in southern Minnesota, her name recognition for a state wide race will be a challenge.

However, she has a solid progressive perspective. She definitely would sign a single payer bill and if a MNCare buy-in is the best we could do for now, she would be on board.

Tina would propose 2 years of tuition free education at Minnesota's technical colleges. She is concerned about the oncoming future worker shortage...and education is always the key.

On rural issues, she believes the Democratic messaging has been a big shortcoming. Rural areas have always had the disadvantage of slower economic improvement. Infrastructure investments, which Democrats continue to support, can help improve that timeline.

We discussed the end of session and Ms. Liebling is adamant that she would NOT have signed the tax bill. Gov. Dayton needed to veto the bill and then take the Dept. of Revenue insert to court as its own separation of powers issue. The executive branch should have been on the offense. She also feels that a governor needs to be fully engaged and involved in the legislative process earlier in the session timeline.

She does support the Governor's buffer zone for farming. Maybe with a little more tweaking however. But she says, clean water is a need for everyone and the ag industry has to share responsibility to keep things that way.

And as for mining, Tina Liebling would keep the BWCA protected first and foremost.

During our talk, I found Tina to be straightforward on issues and would seem to be a fighter for the things she feels strongly about.
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