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John Kline and MicroManaging 101

Category: US Politics
Posted: 02/17/07 13:22

by Dave Mindeman

During his speech on the House floor, one of John Kline's biggest criticisms of the resolution was the inference that Congress was "micro-managing" the war.

John Kline: "We have listened to several speakers today who, like me, served in Vietnam and witnessed firsthand the micromanagement of the war from Washington. Ironically, they stand here today endorsing the same incompetent policy of interference."

Later in his speech he does admit mistakes were made:

"Many mistakes have been made as our military, unparalleled in conventional strength and maneuver, has changed strategy and tactics to fight the counterinsurgency battle. In response to the frustration at the lack of progress felt by those in Iraq and at home, the American military demonstrated its greatest strength: the ability to adapt to new conditions on the ground and develop new strategy."

One of the problems that Congressman Kline continues to ignore is that during the early part of this war when these huge mistakes were made, Congressman Kline and his Republican majority did just what he is asking... they managed nothing. They offered no oversight, no investigation, no suggested alternatives..... nothing.

And so, here we are now, in this huge mess, and the new Congress wants to at least try to do something to fix this. Yet, John Kline, says "hands off". He says we must not question the incompetence that has brought us to this quagmire. Let the current administration and the military figure it out..... in other words, let's keep digging the same hole; Congress stay out of it.

In fact, Congressman Kline offers us little answers for what to expect from this plan... only dire consequences if we leave:

"But to those who criticize this new security plan and offer no solutions for success, only demands for capitulation, we must demand that they answer a vital question they choose to ignore: What will happen if the Iraqi Government does not succeed and we withdraw prematurely?"

Indeed.... what is the result that we should expect from the current "solution for success" that he is supporting? Will this plan make the Iraqi troops more competent? Will this have some magic "pixie dust" that will force the Iraqi government to suddenly become relevant? And what is the definition of withrawing prematurely? Somehow, some way, we have to determine whether the Iraqi troops can stand on their own. We have to find out if they will protect this Iraqi government, such as it is. There is only one real way to determine that conclusively.... move our troops out and let the Iraqis take over. Then, as events dictate, we can determine what additional help will be needed from American forces. But as long as we are there, they will never put themselves on the line.

Each Tuesday, consituents of District 2 will go to John Kline's Burnsville office and request a forum on this issue. This is our only avenue to be heard. We won't change the mind of this Congressman, at least not now, but if real people bring real voices to the table... it will have an effect.

If you feel powerless and frustrated about this war, do something. Bring your voice and your concerns to Kline's Congressional office next Tuesday morning at 9am:

101 W. Burnsville Pkwy #201
Burnsville, MN 55337

Support for the troops means making sure their mission is defined and has clear goals. If that requires some "micro-managing", then so be it.
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