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Regarding DACA

Category: Donald Trump
Posted: 09/02/17 00:11

by Dave Mindeman

This Labor Day weekend, the big brain of Donald Trump is trying to contemplate DACA. He says it is hard for him.

The initials in DACA stand for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. This is not an amnesty. It does not remove them from their current status. But it does recognize a very important truth. They had no intent to commit an illegal act. They are no more guilty of criminality than you would be if bank robbers hijacked your car and forced you to help them escape.

It was their parents that brought them into this country. What child has the ability to choose not to follow? What child can have the conscious thought that their parents are causing them to commit an illegal act?

The DACA decision is the compassionate alternative. DACA recognizes the special circustances. DACA makes perfect sense.

Yet, Donald Trump has leaned toward the tough decision to uproot people who have known no other country since childhood. They have acclimated to this country completely because they consider it THEIR country. They really are as American as any of us.

Yet, they are now in jeopardy. Facing the potential of being deported out of this country to a place they have never really known.

And what is incredible on its face is that DACA people are, in many ways, the best of US. They are valedictorians, college grads, entrepeneurs, and hard working, intelligent members of this society.

The DACA order that Obama signed had a clear provision:

When the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program was first announced, it was clear that individuals would have to meet some sort of education requirement in order to obtain the program's many benefits, including a two-year renewable reprieve from deportation, work authorization, a social security number, and--in nearly every state--the chance to apply for a driver's license.

They have met that obligation and exceeded it in many, many instances. They kept their part of the bargain and now, just because we have a President who thinks deportation is a virtue, they stand in legal jeopardy during this weekend. Their lives could be turned completely upside down with one of those Trump signing ceremonies and his usual grotesque display of the document to the press.

Frankly, DACA never went far enough. This particular group of immigrants should have been granted legal status long ago. Their younger siblings are citizens. Many relatives are citizens. They should be as well.

President Obama could not grant them citizenship. Only the cowards in Congress could do that. But they have been cowering in the corners of Congress for decades - unable to act and unable to find a method of solving a broken and unfair immigration system.

If Trump rescinds DACA it will join the ranks of unpardonable actions which this President is indeed guilty of and morally wrong about.

Think long and hard about this, fake President. Maybe some part of that "big brain" of yours has the capability of honest compassion.
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