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Not Bernie's Fault - But Bernie Zealots Share Blame

Category: 2016
Posted: 09/07/17 18:40

by Dave Mindeman

I can't blame Bernie Sanders for doing anything wrong in the 2016 election. But I do blame his zealot followers.

Bernie ran a good campaign and he brought a considerable number of new and younger people into his campaign. Bernie raised issues that were proper and needed attention.

But zealots within his campaign were more intent on destroying the Democratic Party than getting Bernie elected.

We have a two party system. It is flawed, yes, but it has worked for nearly 250 years just fine. Bernie realized quite clearly that an independent Presidential campaign would not succeed. Every independent venture fails because our system is too dependent on the either/or choice.

So Bernie ran an incredible race. He was an underdog from the get go and surprised even himself at how far he was able to go. But in the end, he lost the nomination. Only one person gets to be on the ballot for the major parties. It is just how it works.

But Bernie zealots, of course, would not accept that. Despite all evidence to the contrary, they believed the nomination was stolen from him. They overstated the power of Debbie Wasserman Schulz. They blamed the mechanics of the Democratic Party - even though Bernie won all the caususes which is the only thing the Democrats can control. They blamed the Super Delegates - even though Hillary had won more elected delegates than Bernie had.

The zealots refused to accept defeat.

Bernie did accept it. Maybe he could have done more during the campaign like Hillary did for Obama, but he was gracious and accepting.

But somehow that message did not get through to those who had not experienced a campaign loss before.

And rather than make the right choice between the Republican Donald Trump and the Democrat Hillary Clinton, they decided on "protest votes" for Jill Stein or Gary Johnson or yes, even Donald Trump.

Protest votes never do any good. And in the case of 2016, they were a disaster. Just as Ralph Nader gave us George W. Bush - dissatisfaction within the Democratic Party gave us Donald Trump.

Republicans don't protest vote. They only vote for anything with a R next to the name. And in the case of Donald Trump that really does mean "anything".

Democrats need to figure this out - and soon.
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09/21/17 13:52
As to tapping phones... It is clear as of this week that Obama was in-fact tapping phones. Manafort no-doubt did some Trump business and Obama got to scoop it all up and harvest what little there was to learn.

As to being a troll... Well, fair enough. But as to labeling me "right-wing" I don't even know what that means. If it means I favor state's rights under the 10th Amendment. I'm in. If "right-wing" means Freedom of Speech under the 1st and right to bear arms under the 2nd, I'm all-in on that topic too. If it means I want to build walls, burn crosses in residential neighborhoods, shoot people, spread hate, and blow up stuff, I beg to differ. The only Tribe I find more offensive than the Democrats and the GOP, that would be our main-stream media formerly known as the 4th estate. So when Dave (or Dirk) starts talking trash about tribal loyalties, I will be all over it.
09/17/17 22:55
Let me say this up front: Bernie Sanders is not a Democrat. Whatever the berniecrats say, they did not have the best interests of the Democratic party - the party that Bernie tried to get the presidential nomination from - at heart. They whine about the DNC not supporting Bernie during the primaries - I repeat: Bernie is not a Democrat. Not then, not now. The DNC has no responsibility to support a non-Democrat in an election.

Now that that's off my chest, I have a bone to pick with Ford. Ford, you have all the markings of a right wing troll. The "fraudulent votes" in New Hampshire? Do you not understand the concept of a college student voting where they are residing at election time rather than at their original (parents) home? This is the nonsense the Trump administration is trying to push to justify his claim that he didn't really lose the popular vote. It boils down to yet another series of lies, just like "Obama tapped my phones". I'm calling BS, Ford. Talk to the hand.
09/08/17 20:58
Hillary was a flawed candidate from the start. She is trying to pivot and say she screwed up a debate when the Donald was a creep. Nonsense... Her campaign was dead long before she stepped foot into Iowa or New Hampshire. The only thing she kept stepping in was her own history of failure.

Speaking of Zealots and New Hampshire...report is she didn't win NH if you discount all the illegal votes confirmed recently. Some 5000 were bused in and voted in same day registration using out of state driver's licenses that never did get changed after 10 months. Never became residents and never registered a car in NH even 10 months later, but they voted and it counted. It was enough to swing NH to Blue. Seems some Democrats have some explaining to do... But I digress.

The Bernie zealots were screaming at the top of their lungs to not run Clinton but nobody listened. Seemed the party leadership deemed themselves wiser than the public. Clinton has been under-performing in circus ring after circus ring for decades and carries a mountain of baggage, not the least of which is the First Husband explainer-in-chief.

To bring up a sore point... "What difference does it make?"



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