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Old GOP vs New GOP

Category: Donald Trump
Posted: 12/27/17 15:59

by Dave Mindeman

There is not only big differences between the 2 major parties - there also seems to be a big difference between the Old GOP and the Current GOP.

Let's go through the list:

Old GOP: Considered Russia a dangerous adversary.
New GOP: Putin's our bud.

Old GOP: Supported all free trade agreements.
New GOP: Let Trump be Trump.

Old GOP: Believed in supporting the rule of law and law enforcement.
New GOP: Deep state conspiracies.

Old GOP: Sexual assault and harassment are wrong.
New GOP: Only believes its wrong when Democrats do it.

Old GOP: No one is above the law.
New GOP: Laws are overrated.

Old GOP: Fiscal responsibility.
New GOP: No fiscal responsibility.

Old GOP: Moral values.
New GOP: Shades of gray.

Old GOP: Values of a Christian nation.
New GOP: Theocratic rule.

Old GOP: Autocrats need to be challenged.
New GOP: If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

Old GOP: There are political lines that cannot be crossed.
New GOP: Boundaries were always meant to be flexible.

Old GOP: America protects its citizens.
New GOP: America protects white citizens.

Old GOP: Strict government oversight.
New GOP: Strict government oversight of Hillary.

Old GOP: Friend of American business.
New GOP: Owned by American business.

Old GOP: Flag stands for everyone's freedom.
New GOP: Standing for flag is mandatory.
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