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No Longer A Proud, Exceptional Country

Category: Donald Trump
Posted: 01/12/18 15:14

by Dave Mindeman

I have paid attention to the political world for a long time. But I have never been so exasperated by an administration like this. And what is even more frustrating is that the Republican party - the so called fiscally conservative party, the law and order party, the moral values party - yes, that party, has become a completely unrecognizable party with little or no core values anymore.

Trump has debased political language even further than it was before...and it was bad. He has taken no responsibility for anything. He has made no secret of his core racism. He makes money off the presidency. He has turned our foreign relations into a hodge podge of who is better at complementing him and our core allies have no idea where they stand.

It is increasingly clear that no matter how many times he says there was no collusion.....there was. And the cover ups, the lies, the distortions....they are reckless and dangerous...and few take the word of the White House as even close to the truth.

How can we call this a democracy? How can we call this actual governance? Trump does not care about tradition, human rights, equal opportunity, or the basics of the middle class. This is all about enriching those who are already rich. And about holding power at the expense of relationships with other countries.

Who would look up to a country run like this? What moral example are we sharing? What is exceptional about our country with corruption so evident?

It is hard to know what to say. As long as Trump is our President, there is little to be proud of about America.

This must be changed.
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01/15/18 00:50
Dave lives in a white neighborhood because nobody of color wants to live next door..nothing wrong with that, right? Sanford has blacks only dorms because they prefer living with people of color who actually get their humor.
Why is that not ok?

01/15/18 00:38
White guilt is a poor motivator for political action.

I grew up in rural mn, in a community 99.9% white. I did not choose my community, my parents did by settling in the same neighborhood as their Swedish immigrant family. I was born into it the old fashioned way. Black and brown and Asian faces only appeared on tv, mostly on the news. Seeing an african in my town turned heads. Hatred no. Compassion yes.

Watch the news in Chicago and you witness black and brown people killing each other at historic high rates. Here in Arkansas, I witness news describing people of color killing grandmothers and children of color because of What? I am weeping for these families.

But I REFUSE to accept that it is my whiteness that creates the circumstances causing these deaths.

Some say it is segregation or desegregation that is the cause. I say that it has nothing to do with me, my family, my business, my government. It has to do with the values we all cherish.

Dave lives in a predominantly white neighborhood because be is white. I get it too. The same description applies to me!

We self segregate. Dave is not nestled in a neighborhood of Somali or Nigerians, not because he wants to keep them out and uses his white privilege to do so. No, they want nothing to do with him and choose elsewhere. To me, that's ok. In fact, I
like it!

01/14/18 12:32
Of course - Sen. Cotton is much more credible than any other Senator.
01/14/18 11:42
Face the Nation pretty much ended the nonsense foisted on America by Durbin. What a cowardice puke of a politician! Instead of meaningful debate, we get 24/7 coverage of the LIES by a Democrat frustrated that he will not be allowed to continue to destroy America and her people.

Durbin should never be allowed to enter the White House. He disgraces his office and the people of America and those who love America around the world. Censure Durbin!
01/14/18 00:49
Oh my... Dave sounds upset.

The last 48 hours, Durbin did more for David duke that even David duke could do. It starts in a private meeting of legislators working thru complex rules that solidify our borders. Private meetings are private. Unless Durbin is included.

Where is statesmanship? At what point does Grace get involved? I have been in hundreds of meetings where rough language is used to muddle through tough concepts. And those statesman in the room carry the baggage by extending GRACE towards those involved and read beyond frustration to interpret solutions from the dialog. Instead, Durbin appears to ignore 99.99% of the discussion to focus on sh*t hole as being the ONLY word spoken? Which participant is the 8 year old? Durbin should never be allowed to participate in ANY meaningful discussion of policy--for the rest of his life! He is incompetent to participate in ANY private meeting discussing any purpose. He's done! Kaputski! Send him home!

We need a discussion about how to open our borders, as wide as possible, to people who can make America greater than the sum of her parts. If adding another doctor adds to the sum, then admit. If adding yet another gang thug adds to the sum, then admit. Otherwise, reject swiftly.

Some feel this is racist. Nonsense. Those same people may think th at Wal-Mart paying $11 / hour is benevolence. More nonsense! ANY company paying less than $25/hour for full time work is a public nuisance and should be called out for It!

No single can live on $22,000 / year and thrive! No mother of 3 can live on $22,000 / year and thrive! Besos needs to be CONDEMNED for his hypocrisy! Wal-Mart needs to be CONDEMNED for it's hypocrisy!

Get after it bots!



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