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Trash The Party If You Must - But Remember the Goal

Category: 2018
Posted: 03/27/18 12:03, Edited: 03/27/18 12:07

by Dave Mindeman

I am seriously trying to figure out what some people in this party process actually want. It is difficult to interpret. Some want to trash everything about the Democratic Party. Trash the DCCC. Trash the caucus process. Trash the endorsement process. Trash leadership. Trash the State Party. Trash the conventions. Trash how we even discuss things on the internet. What exactly do you want? Do you want to change the party? Well, then you have a funny way of going about it. Because blowing things up doesn't make anything change. It just blows things up.

I personally have been with the Democratic Party for decades. I have seen a lot of stupid things and I have seen some inspiring things. Those of you who trash the endorsement process would never have heard of Paul Wellstone. Those of you who think the endorsement process is sacrosanct would not have Mark Dayton as governor. Trashing the party gave us Donald Trump. Trashing the party will continue giving us Jason Lewis, Erik Paulsen, and Tom Emmer.

Where were all these complainers when Steve Sarvi was running for Congress? Where were you for Teresa Daly, Coleen Rowley, Shelley Madore, and Mike Obermueller? Where were you? If you don't have a history with this party and only want to trash it, what are you accomplishing?

I have had many disagreements with the party. My wife and I have constantly come up against obstacles for needed change. But we don't just give up. We don't just take our toys and go home when those disagreements happen. We need to ultimately just win elections to fix any of this. Internal arguments are fine, but keep your eyes on the goal. To oust Republicans. You are entitled to complain about what you do not like - but if you are a member of an organization, you still have basic principles to uphold and continue.

We had a rough cycle in 2018. But the Republicans had help. Help from foreign money. Foreign media. NRA money dumps. And a whole lot of manipulation of our core values. The Russians wanted us to turn on each other and they succeeded.

And that continues today. The Republican model of divide and conquer is alive and well. Yet, we still have an opportunity to come back. The GOP has once again overplayed their hand. We have a motivated youth movement. And we have President who is incompetent. Let's get back to basics. We are the party of the working class. We are the party of the poor and impoverished. We are the party of minority rights. The party of reproductive rights. The party of sensible gun laws. Act like it. Unite behind those ideals.

Complaining about the Democratic Party is a time tested right. But my test for your sincerity is this - will you still be working for the party if your candidate does not win?
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