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Gun Safety Regulations Are Dependent On The Ballot Box

Category: Kurt Daudt
Posted: 04/27/18 01:14

by Dave Mindeman

Yesterday, Kurt Daudt had this view on gun legislation:

When asked specifically about expanding background checks, Daudt, R-Crown, responded that "behind-the-scenes" conversations between lawmakers are happening "to reduce putting guns in the hands of potentially dangerous criminals. I know we all share that goal. ... I hope those conversations can be fruitful and we can find some legislation that can get support of the Legislature."

Today, it was a different Kurt Daudt:

The speaker called background checks a "feel good solution" that would do little. He said that "everyone knows this is a pro-2nd Amendment Legislature" and any gun-related bills will not move before the Legislature adjourns May 21.


Very different stances. What happened? Well I think this explains it...

"Obviously, there was some misunderstanding of our press conference," Daudt said late Thursday afternoon, after spending the day trying to make sure gun-rights advocates knew that he still supports them.

The gun rights advocates still win. At least for now. There is only one real way to solve this problem and that is an election where legislators who refuse to support gun safety regulation lose their seat.

Universal background checks have strong support in Minnesota. The MN Poll stated 90% in favor - only 8% against. Yet, Republicans in the legislature would rather stand with that 8%.

Background checks are no threat to legitimate gun ownership. Legal, law abiding gun owners have nothing to fear from this. I would dare say that most gun owners support this themselves.

We need to keep guns out of the hands of those who would abuse this privilege. How is that a problem? What law abiding gun owner is going to have any weapon of theirs taken away? Do they want severely mental ill people, suicidal people, or domestic abusers to get weapons? Do they really want to be complicit in the potential problems they might cause?

This idea was brought up as a potential amendment in the MN Senate today and it failed 36-30. Yes, a few Democrats voted with the Republicans, but not as many as have done so in the past.

The goal has to be defeating Republicans who will not allow gun safety to be moved forward in legislation. They MUST be voted out. It is the ONLY solution. And rogue Democrats will soon change as well.

This November, the ballot box must be the champion of gun safety.
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