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Biblical Creativity from Rep. Mark Olson

Category: US Politics
Posted: 07/15/07 01:11

by Paul Bartlett

In addition to being a spiritual guide and pretty decent history text, State Representative Mark Olson has found even more use for his Bible: as a weapon of choice.

The Strib printed it so it must be true: "... he assaulted her several times, including bruising her by throwing two Bibles at her (Heidi Olson)."

Wow, now that's creative. I'll bet if he put his mind to it, Olson could come up with additional uses. If he folded down all of the sides,

Olson could use his Bible as a frisbee. If he folded it in the middle, he could use it as a boom-a-rang. If he just let it lie flat, he could use it as a coaster.

Those frisky evangelicals, what will they come up with next? But under no circumstances, should he take his Bible's message too seriously; "... do no violence to the stranger, the fatherless, nor the widow..." (Jeremiah, Chapter 22). I guess he's OK though; there's no prohibition against roughing up your wife.
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07/24/07 23:28
Olson has found many creative uses for the bible. Maybe he could try one more....read it!



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