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Dick Day: Trips to AZ Don't Help MN Transportation

Category: Immigration
Posted: 12/03/07 20:02

by Dave Mindeman

RE: Sunday Tribune Column by Dick "Minuteman" Day

Senator Dick Day's commentary shifting transportation blame to yet another person would be laughable if it didn't make me so darn angry. The DFL can be faulted for failures in a lot of areas but in transportation they did their job. Twice, they passed reasonable legislation that brought new revenue to the system....and which also would have created new jobs for the state. Those bills were lauded by mayors and county commissioners all over the state as a fair and balanced measure. They still had some critics that noted we still wouldn't meet half of the need...but at least it was something.

But both times, after DFL and GOP transportation advocates managed to get bipartisan support for those bills, Governor Pawlenty killed them with his veto pen. I realize that Dick Day believes that every bill passing the legislature needs the Governor's "seal of approval" before it is finished, but that isn't the way the State Constitution works.

If Dick Day would spend more time in Minnesota and less time with Arizona's Minutemen, maybe he would get the full transportation picture.
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12/21/07 13:41
Dave Mindeman

What a moronic piece of writing to connect Dick Days visit to the border and transportation.
Then write about creating more jobs in MN.

Guess what Mindeman there would be many jobs if illegals would not be here. You need to visit the border and get a perspective on life before you make another loony notion that Dick Day is spending to much time on the protection of this country. Maybe consider a new profession on writing the news and not creating the news.


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