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Tom Emmer: Art = Vikings

Category: GOP Politics
Posted: 12/26/09 21:20, Edited: 12/26/09 21:23

by Dave Mindeman

Brett Favre may be a gutsy quarterback and sometimes he can be a little unorthodox in method....but I doubt anybody will mistake him for an art form or an environmental protection.

Except maybe GOP Governor candidate Tom Emmer....

Rep. Tom Emmer, R-Delano, a leading Republican candidate for governor, has suggested using Legacy amendment money destined for arts and cultural heritage projects to help build a new Vikings stadium. "Absolutely -- that's arts and entertainment," said Emmer. "I don't know why someone hasn't floated taking some of that arts and entertainment tax and putting it toward the Vikings stadium."

I struggle to understand how Emmer's mind works on this one. Here we have a budget cutter....no, better yet, a budget slasher. He believes in the rights of the taxpayer. It is their judgment he trusts....not the government, not the politicians.

Yet, Emmer seems to think he is on to something here. He wants to take money that was instituted by the electorate as a tax to be used for a very specific purpose. Clearly defined. And yet, Emmer thinks its OK to interpret it differently to avoid a confrontation with a wealthy sports businessman.

Emmer won't talk about raising taxes to meet the needs of education or the folks on GAMC. But, he thinks it will be OK to move dedicated funds into a Vikings stadium.

That's the priorities Emmer has outlined for us.

And the next time you are at the ballet....think about a comparison of Swan Lake to Brett Favre getting flattened by Julius Peppers. After all, I guess Emmer puts them in the same category.
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12/28/09 16:58
After the Vikings leave, we could use the Legacy money to build a museum to sports franchises that are no longer in Minnesota. We could bring the fans of the North Stars and Lakers into the fold, too.
12/28/09 12:21
Legacy amendment money for a Vikings stadium? You've got to be kidding me. Was spending this dedicated money on a Vikings stadium mentioned before the statewide vote? It certainly wasn't and if it had been the amendment would have failed.

No legacy money, no "new" taxes, and no "Racino" for Vikings stadium funding.... all are absurd.

Take only true "but for" tax revenues from the general fund for a public contribution.... Vikings stadium funding won't be painless. If true Vikings fans want to keep the Vikings in MN, seat licenses and user fees will be involved... Developments rights too... Zygi, the developer" can add value to the land around a new Vikings stadium. The appreciated value of that land should help fund the new Vikings stadium, not go into Zygi's pocket.
12/28/09 11:33
"Polling shows that "Minnesotans seem to be looking for, in their words, a nontraditional politician or someone with a business background," said David Olson, head of the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce."

Pat is the only candidate to have experience as a business owner: she started Capitol Companies from scratch where over seventy five people were employed when she sold it. She is definitely a nontraditional candidate in that she is a true believer in liberty for all, limited government and peace with other nations. Where the majority of the other candidates are legislators, Pat Anderson stands out. She is the only candidate with extensive executive experience as mayor of Eagan, and as state auditor. She is the only candidate that has a proven track record of reducing the size of government and making it run more efficiently under her watch. She is the only candidate who has spelled out a plan for real tax reform, which will create job growth and spur our economy, and is the only candidate ready to walk into the governor's office day one and know what to do. Rather than talking in platitudes and rhetoric, like the usual "class warfare propaganda" of such liberals as Dayton and Entenza, she is the only candidate who has a plan of substance on a wide number of issues. I urge everyone to visit her website,

12/28/09 11:08
Emmer is in the legislature, and he may not be the only one there who equates "arts" with "entertainment." Still, despite all the drama over the years, it's not going to be too difficult to cut the Vikings out of the arts definition.

"Cultural heritage," following "history" as it does, seems to mean Native Americans, German Turners, Slovak miners, Irish entrepreneurs, Norwegian ministers and Rondo dwellers, among others. But what about General Mills, Polaris snowmobiles and a sports franchise "meant to reflect Minnesota's place as a center of Scandinavian American culture" that has been around longer than most Minnesotans have been alive?

We can thank Rep. Emmer for illustrating so soon the folly of trying to work around legislative gutlessness by putting more bricks in the state constitution.
12/28/09 10:35

I have two problems with this post. First, the Legacy amendent is cleary what the arts money is for, 19.75% to be spent on, "arts, arts education, arts access, and to preserve Minnesota?s history and cultural heritage."

The amendent though did not define what those terms mean. That is something that the legislature could determine.

Second, how long has the debate between so called highbrow and lowbrow art been going on? I won't repeat it here, but I don't think it does Minnesota progressives any good to make a broad value judgement in order to make an attack on Emmer. That's not a winning argument for voteres.

I certainly don't think we should spend the money on a stadium, nor do I think that was the legislative intent.


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