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Clark's Numbers Are Good But Won't Quell Reed's Success

Category: Michele Bachmann
Posted: 01/26/10 12:18

by Dave Mindeman

Tarryl Clark just released her 4th quarter fundraising numbers. Here are a couple of observations.

Clark has a great number - $293,953. She has raised over $600,000 for the year and has about $390,000 cash on hand.

Not bad. Not Bachmann type numbers, but not bad.

However, Clark is not leaving Maureen Reed in a cloud of dust either. Reed had a pretty solid number of her own ($207,800) and has raised a total of about $575,000. I suspect her cash on hand is smaller but overall, that is a pretty good report.

You have to also take into consideration that Reed does not have the benefit of EMILY's list as Clark does. She also does not have an electoral constituency like Clark does.

Reed appears to be doing it the old fashioned way. She is out there doing the hard work.

However, all of this complicates things in the race against Bachmann. You have two completely viable opponents. They are both attracting monetary support and will most likely end up in a primary contest against each other.

Frankly, Bachmann couldn't have asked for better circumstances. She is running for re-election in a tough year for Democrats. She has a national base of support. Gets media attention when she coughs. And her opposition will be involved in an expensive primary campaign.

It all begins to look like a horrible waste of Democratic resources. I understand the passion for opposing Bachmann -- but in the kind of year that Democrats are looking at, it is hard not to think the party should be looking at concentrating resources in a race that has snowball's chance -- like the Third.

Maureen Reed is not going to fade quietly away. She shouldn't have to, she has worked hard and been successful against some pretty overwhelming obstacles. She deserves her chance.

But it looks like a chance that is more of a fool's errand.

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06/05/10 00:31
Very nice and intrestingss story.

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