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If Something's Wrong - It's the Liberals Fault

Category: GOP Politics
Posted: 02/12/11 13:27, Edited: 02/12/11 14:12

by Dave Mindeman

Ever notice how much verbiage gets expended when conservative thinkers feel that liberal thought may have a point?

Let me give some examples:

When Egypt has a relatively peaceful revolution powered by sheer moral will and not by an outside invasion force, the conservative talkers warn us about the Muslim Brotherhood and Egyptian vulnerability. Governor Pawlenty goes so far as to take President Obama to task for "weakness" in foreign policy. All the while knowing that if a Republican President was in power, they would be falling all over themselves to make regime change in Egypt a result of "decisive" actions in Iraq.

As the globe deals with weather extremes like the winter storms in Texas or the unusually strong typhoon coupled with floods in Australia, the Wall Street Journal is quick to editorialize that any thoughts about attributing climate change as any part of the cause is ridiculous.

(Speaking of climate change, watch conservatives go into hyperspin about Alaska....)

The stock market is at a 2 1/2 year high. Corporate profits are rising. Companies are sitting on record cash. But the conservatives can't allow for a good economy with a Democratic President, therefore the jobs are not forthcoming because business has too much uncertainty...and of course, Federal health care is the real culprit.

And locally, Eric Ostermeier (Smart Politics Blog) just can't allow for the possibility that Republicans are often caught being a little light on facts by watchdog media. So therefore, it has to be the liberal bias of the watchdog groups themselves.

It is amazing how Republican policies can never be placed in question. If there is a problem with any situation for this country, there must be a liberal reason for that problem.....and there must also be a categorical defense about conservative policy innocence.

Does it ever correlate that liberals might just be correct?
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