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Tim Burke -Farmington School Board Member and Creditor

Category: Society
Posted: 08/02/11 00:35

by Dave Mindeman

Over in Farmington, School Board Member Tim Burke thinks he should be reimbursed by the district for legal fees. About $5,000 worth to be exact.

Burke is a deficit hawk. He hammered former Superintendent Brad Meeks relentlessly....about district spending and about Meeks' personal contract.

Burke has a very abrasive style. A style he freely admits to as this personal letter on his blog says:

I understand that my style is abrasive and confrontational. I do this for a reason?it gets people to pay attention. It causes people to talk about the issues. It even causes some people to take action. It caused you to write an email to get off an email list. So, I don?t apologize for my tactics and I understand if some people find it offensive. More people are offended by the how this school district and city are run. But I don?t seek to offend for no good reason. It?s people?s livelihoods I?m messing with, but its people?s kids and taxes they mess with.

That style caused numerous confrontations within the school board and caused turmoil in the district. This led to a number of issues that escalated into complaints being filed with the County. Probably an unnecessary escalation if Burke had been willing to talk it out, but that's not his style.

So now the self appointed district watchdog and fiscal hawk wants the district to reimburse him for legal fees. Personal legal fees which were caused by an individual who pursues confrontation and feels no need to apologize about anything.

He wants the district to use taxpayer funds to pay his legal fees. (for which it should be noted he set up a personal legal defense fund -- has he reported the money from that?)

Really, should the district pay for this? He incurred these issues by his own behavior, so why should the district pay?

Next time he rants about "wasteful" district spending it is going to sound a tad hypocritical.
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