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Congressman Kline and The Real Uncertainty

Category: John Kline
Posted: 11/04/11 19:22, Edited: 11/04/11 19:23

by Dave Mindeman

Congressman John Kline is a fountain of nonsense. Here is his reaction to today's jobs report..........

?Today?s jobs report reflects the lack of confidence overwhelming America?s job-creators. During a recent regulation tour across parts of Minnesota, employers continually expressed their desperate need for certainty. Efforts to grow and hire new workers are being hamstrung by threats of higher taxes, more deficit spending, and new regulatory burdens. It is time we worked together to remove these unnecessary roadblocks to new jobs."

Yeah, those job creators sure have a mess of uncertainty.

How about those 30 Fortune 500 companies that paid ZERO taxes on over 160 billion dollars in profits? What is uncertain about that?

As for deficit spending, the Congressional impasse has made it impossible for the government to do much of anything. A bit of spending on infrastructure would be absolutely welcome in this economy. If they would do that, it would mark one of the few actual instances that jobs really have been created. But aside from that, how is deficit spending hurting business? Interest rates are at all time lows. Inflation has been well controlled. And a number of high profile businesses, like Defense, are dependent on government contracts. What uncertainty is involved with that?

As for regulatory burdens, the only really new area is in bank regulation. Is John Kline, the TARP supporter, going to tell us that banking regulations weren't needed? for a financial system run amuck? that nearly bankrupted the country? Uncertainty? Bogus.

In addition, Kline seems to be missing the fact that environmental restrictions have been eased or scaled back during Obama's tenure.

Congressman Kline continues to stonewall on what our districts need. Infrastructure for commerce. Government partnerships. A JOBS BILL!

In reality, Congressman John Kline doesn't have a clue about what is needed to make this economy work. All he wants right now is to make sure everything remains stagnant till the 2012 election.

The only uncertainty here is how long Kline can keep that up.
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11/05/11 07:57

FYI : Just read my weekly update from Kline's Education and Workforce Committee (which states that they will be taking another week off ... so NoChildLeftBehind will have to wait a little longer ... BTW, the Senate Committee in a bipartisan vote approved its reform bill last month (Senator Franken made an impact getting Republicans to join him on some amendments) ... but Kline is still way behind ... and speaking of being behind, Kline still has not completed the Appropriations for the Fiscal Year that started 10/1 and the stop-gap funding will end 11/18.)
Anyhoo ... he has a survey

According to a new report by the Department of Labor, unemployment has been higher than 8 percent for 33 consecutive months. What steps can Washington take to help foster a pro-growth environment for America?s job creators?
Repeal unnecessary regulations
Raise taxes
Restore fiscal discipline

Wanna guess how many votes "raise taxes" will get .... jeez, why didn't he say "reduce taxes"?

But notice there is no addressing the Skills Gap

BTW : If you wish to read Catharine Rickert's Poligraph, go to the minnesota publicradio org site and look for polinaut for a November 4th story PoliGraph: Obama's economy claims on point

11/04/11 22:47

Nationally, things can always be better ... but please read Catherine's Poligraph test on President Obama's job claims that he said on WCCO ... over 2 million private sector jobs created ... what does not get mentioned is how many jobs the Government has eliminated ... in today's report, I believe 24,000 Government workers were taken off the rolls ... the GOP has complained about too many government employees, so they must accept that fact that they are being reduced .... oh, and the latest proposal to resolve the Post Office fiscal problems is to eliminate 100,000 jobs.

In Minnesota, Governor Dayton had a Job Summit and the word that he heard was that lack of skilled workers. On MN Political Roundtable, I wrote about the Jobs Fair held in Mankato ... put on not by a Congressman but instead by local Manufacturers ... On Saturday, there was a Open House held where Manufacturers opened there doors for the public. I visited one plant ... they have 120 workers ... they have not laid anyone off during the recession ... they want to hire 20-40 more ... but there are not enough skilled workers. This is not a new story ... last spring another Mankato business held a job fair wanting to hire 50 (union workers) ... they got less than 10 qualified ... I have seen plenty of "We're Hiring signs".

On Saturday, I asked my tour guide who was a top member of management, about "regulations", since that is what Kline has been blaming all the problems on ... he said they have no qualms with regulations ... they need more skilled workers.

And remember Kline wants to cut Pell Grants ... 37% of students that go to community colleges where skills are taught (welding, CNC machine operator, QC, etc.) use Pell Grants .... cutting Pell Grants will hurt students as well as manufacturers.

BTW, the company that I visited has plants in MS, SC and SD ... do you think that if MN does not get workers the skills that he needs that he will keep those jobs in Minnesota or will they go to another state ?

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