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Travelin' Norm

Category: Minnesota Politics
Posted: 05/05/05 13:43

Check out this blog post over at Clever Pleasantry on Norm's "foreign" travel paid for by others. A small bite:

All told, Sen. Coleman has taken 36 privately funded trips. Most of them were paid for by PACs or lobbying groups.

My question would be whether or not his staff has been on some of these trips (and how many went.) I?m sure they have. Do they have to claim any expenses? Email Kevin Diaz and ask him to find out.

Coleman?s travel is completely unique in the Senate. His predecessor only made 15 privately funded trips during his last 2 years in the Senate; something Coleman has more than doubled.

The Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Dick Lugar, has made 17 privately funded trips since the beginning of 03.

Senator Dayton has one privately funded trip in the same time period. Norm outpaces every member of the Foreign Relations Committee. His staff response is that his duties on this committee require travel. But virtually none of these privately funded trips is out of country.
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