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Dayton: Avoiding The "Weeds" -- For Now

Category: Society
Posted: 12/07/12 16:03

by Dave Mindeman

Governor Dayton made it clear that he doesn't want to wade into the "weeds" as it were, about legalization of marijuana.

A lot of people are still entrenched with marijuana's symbolism with the 1960's counter culture. Marijuana was actually the "safe" drug of that time period and still gets a bad rap when lumped in with LSD and the like.

As a pharmacist, I have tried to evaluate marijuana in a professional sense...and I have yet to see a credible study that proves marijuana is any more dangerous (and probably less dangerous) than alcohol.

Marijuana can impair your judgment and needs the same curbs for operating machinery that alcohol has been given. But there is little evidence of any sordid addictions or toxic side effects.

The benefits to its use, medically, are growing. And more research needs to be done. We have a track record of use (even if it is still illegal) that belies any permanent problems with regular use.

Its critics have always had the, equally unprovable or disprovable, fall back position that marijuana is a "gateway" drug to harder addictive substances. However, I tend to maintain that any "gateway" problem with marijuana stems from the fact that it is still illegal and forced to be obtained via the darker side of drug commerce.

If legal and with safe production practices, marijuana could become a useful commodity for health related purposes, as well as recreational usage. And as a commodity, could lead to a number of entrepreneurial endeavors and business growth.

More states are listening to its citizens on this issue and changing the archaic laws that are geared to outmoded perceptions.

Minnesota needs a broader discussion. I understand Governor Dayton's reluctance to deal with this now - we have a lot more pressing tasks.

But legalized marijuana will happen one day....everywhere.
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12/10/12 11:39
Goodbye Dayton! So who's looking good for the next election anyone???
12/08/12 14:15
Minnesota could make a fortune selling weed to North Dakota man camps. Wow...the possibilities.
12/07/12 17:23
This should be part of the economic and tax debate here in Minnesota. Minnesota will miss out if they don't carve out a their piece of the Revenue nirvana.

If conservatives want to lower taxes, that means finding new revenues and this is the solution. Legalize it, regulate it, tax the heck out of it and pass a few laws making driving under the influence of it very harsh.

Every night we are tortured by drug commercials touting the wonderment of drugs that might make you sicker, mame you for life and/or kill you. I would rather see commercials showing a bunch of giggly nut cases eating Doritoes and watching old Gong Show tapes advertising the good feelings of seedless buds for sale.

Budget Surpluses here we come!


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