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MN Democrats Take Over - GOP Gives Same Old, Same Old

Category: GOP Politics
Posted: 01/07/13 02:33

by Dave Mindeman

As we close in on the start of a new legislative session, let's point something out....

Sen. David Hann, R-Eden Prairie, incoming Senate minority leader, said that while they lost the election, "philosophically, we don't think our ideas are wrong." Republicans' task, he said, is doing "a better job of communicating those ideas."

Republicans say that a lot. Their ideas are never wrong. Coming out of an election cycle that saw Democrats winning on all fronts, the Republicans still believe they are OK in the idea department.

Maybe while Senator Hann is working on that better "communicating" job, he might want to add another thought.

How about some NEW ideas? Does that ever occur to the Grand Old Party? New, fresh, thoughtful....how about those adjectives?

Instead we will get more of this....

That includes holding down taxes and spending, promoting free-market solutions in health care and other areas, making the state more business-friendly and retaining the traditional legal definition of marriage.

See anything new there? Nope.

During their brief tenure as the legislative controlling party, the Republican majority gave us the no tax mantra and 2 amendments that nobody asked for or particularly wanted.....as the double defeat pointed out in the end.

In order to keep that no tax mantra valid they had to borrow via tobacco bonding and continue the school shift. The classic kick the can strategy. Something that has become common place in GOP government.

Yet, their strategy is to "stay the course"....expecting Minnesotans to come back to this no solution strategy.

As the new session begin, the Democrats are in charge. The state GOP borders on the irrelevant and with those stagnant ideas, that irrelevancy can only grow.

In 2013, maybe we will see what progress really looks like.
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01/07/13 13:55
"In 2013, maybe we will see what progress really looks like. "

Dave... I don't think anybody viewed this election as some sort of mandate on ANY front. Frankly, I can't wait for this new Legislature to get started. They are setting the stage for 100% GOP control as they slip the "we're in power" noose around their necks and help each other step up on the wobbly stool.

With Michigan moving to be a Right to Work state, and MN failing to step up to embrace that basic human right, we are seeing MN slip into the soon-to-be minority of states left behind in the 21st century.


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