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Simple Answer = Single Payer

Category: Single Payer Health
Posted: 07/06/14 22:30

by Dave Mindeman

The health care fiasco that has begun with the SCOTUS Five ruling does have a remedy.

The problem has really been there all along. It was there when HMO's began. It was incorporated into Obamacare. It is the flaw in the free market for health care. It is entrenched in Republican philosophy. The problem is employer based health care.

And there is a very simple remedy.

Single payer health care.

It has all the earmarks of solving the problem. No one's religious freedom is endangered. No one's right to privacy is encumbered. Your health care is completely portable. You appeal to the same source. You get your benefits from the same place. You do not have to read and compare hundreds of policy options. You just get health care.

Single payer eliminates employer based issues. It eliminates the premium vs coverage chaos. It eliminates trying to figure out who you need to talk to about coverage. It eliminates figuring out if your doctor or clinic are in "the network". It eliminates the constant changes from year to year as your employer changes coverages based on bids.

Health care could be simple again - and free of SCOTUS interference and Congressional obstruction.

Single Payer - where your nasal allergy and Scalia's hemorrhoids all get treated by the same equal coverage....without all the commentary.
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07/08/14 21:53
You make a good point about emergency care. No time to shop when unconscious in an ambulance...

But what about letting them shop to have those pesky cateracts removed? Or bunyans? Or an MRI? Why, as it is in my area, necessary to use only one facility with an MRI when there are dozens in the neighborhood. Why do they also cost $4500 here when you can get your entire body scanned in California for $700?

You are correct about monopoly management. Once you make a monopoly, it is almost impossible to control that beast. Moving the natural market mechanisms will tend to push decisions to the price/quality optimum point far better than any central management could even hope to accomplish.
07/07/14 20:05
Healthcare does not work in a free market economy. Technology is too expensive and complex. If people could choose whether or not to have a procedure, maybe...but they can't. You don't make a cost decision with a heart attack, or a stroke, or a breach pregnancy, or a blood clot, or an embolism, or an accident or a shooting. It just doesn't work. And if we are to continue using insurance as intermediaries then we have additional administration cost and actuarial costs. Free markets aren't a solution because they do not exist. Government is involved in everything anyway because lobbyist are paid to get their clients a cut and exclusive contracts. Free markets occur in some utopian world where greed doesn't dictate the outcome. Ford, your ideas are the pipe dream. Get pragmatic - take health care out of the employer realm and you might have a chance at a free market for things where it has a chance to actually work.
07/07/14 14:27
If there were only one goal to tweaking health care, cost, you may be right. Making strategic use of government force can reduce premiums by restricting procedures. As you point out, the confusion of constantly changing health care based on the latest bid will be resolved. So instead of your employer board of directors and the insurance company actuaries deciding your health care treatment, you will get a government employee deciding. We all have personal experience with the government choices when it comes to fairness, responsiveness, and reason, when it comes to complex issues.

If money were the only guide, then single payer may result in lower premiums--if for no other reason than they can then restrict worker pay and deny procedures. But if gaining control of your health care choices is also a goal, then single payer becomes an even nightmare than the ACA.

Unleash the power of the free market and you will see people empowered with the authority to control their own health care destiny, all while reducing costs and improving outcomes.

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