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Mike McFadden Says YES To Chinese Steel

Category: Al Franken
Posted: 08/09/14 16:04

by Dave Mindeman

Maybe it wasn't such a bad thing when Mike McFadden kept quiet and wouldn't talk about the issue....because lately he has been talking and it hasn't been pretty.

Which makes it a little strange that the Washington GOP invited McFadden to give the weekly address. He stayed on message with a careful script. But it was a recent off the cuff question from a reporter that has opened up a can of worms....

...a question put to McFadden was: If the cheapest steel comes from China, is that OK? "I would love to see us use U.S. products when we can," McFadden said. "But it must be cost competitive. I am a supporter of free and fair trade." So, Forum News Service pressed, would Chinese steel be OK? "Yes," McFadden replied, "If it is not being subsidized by the Chinese government."

Scoring play? Error- McFadden.

I'm not sure how McFadden can pander to the Iron Range interests on the issue of Polymet and then botch the steel question so badly.

You could even get around the issue while promoting "free and fair" trade because the Chinese are always stacking the deck on steel. But McFadden used the "YES" word. Chinese steel OK? YES.

Survey says? Bad answer.

McFadden is being heavily promoted by the Republican Senate caucus and Norm Coleman has put all of his political capital into a McFadden campaign. But as media scrutiny increases the number of unforced errors coming from McFadden show us clearly that he is a novice on Minnesota issues....and that his business acumen clearly does not translate into political acumen.

What is even worse for the GOP is that the steel comment could start to reflect on the rest of the ticket and the 8th District inroads that the state GOP has been cultivating could be lost in translation.

The more McFadden talks, the bigger Al Franken's smile gets.
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08/11/14 10:19
Think this story has legs ?

"The fact that investment banker Mike McFadden suggests outsourcing our jobs overseas to China is not only insulting, but should be a warning to all hardworking Minnesotans. We don't want someone who will cast aside Minnesota jobs in favor of subsidized foreign corporations," said Frank Jenko, president of USW Local 2705.

"Investment banker Mike McFadden is for the Iron Range when it's politically convenient and he's for Chinese steel when using it will help pad the profits of big companies. Hardworking families on the Iron Range deserve more respect than that, plain and simple," said Tom Cvar, president of the Iron Range Labor Assembly and union representative with the United Food and Commercial Workers.

"It is clear investment banker Mike McFadden would rather create jobs in China than on the Iron Range if it means higher profits for big companies. We should be using American-made steel and supporting American jobs. This makes me wonder how we can trust McFadden on anything," said Dick Carlson, president of International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 242.

Gosh, I didn't know that McFadden's first name was "investment banker Mike" ... but they all seemed on script and angry.

Help me out here, wouldn't you have thought that a "business man" would know about the number of FTC complaints over dumping ?

Did you hear the other claim made in McFadden's GOP address --
"Here in Minnesota, over half of our workers are underemployed and weekly wages have gone up by just pennies."

#1. half our workers are underemployed ? ? ?
What's MN unemployment rate (4.5%) and how many people are employed (roughly 3 million) ... but he thinks half are underemployed ?
Gosh, have you noticed the number of Help Wanted signs ... ranging from welders to retail outlets ?

#2. any idea how the "pennies" breaks down by worker classification ? Did the CEO only get pennies ? Should we raise the minimum wage then to ensure that workers get more money to spend and improve the economy ?
If pay is so bad, how did Mike McFadden have a record-setting fundraising tally in the second quarter at over a million bucks ?

Every time this guy opens his mouth, it is obvious that he is not ready ... and worse yet, bad for Minnesota.

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