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How Can "Businessman" McFadden Call That A Contract?

Category: Al Franken
Posted: 10/08/14 19:52

by Dave Mindeman

As I think most people are aware, the real essence of a contract is the details, the fine print, the fulfillment clauses.

Mike McFadden is apparently giving Minnesota a contract with none of the above.

Excuse me, Mr. McFadden, as a business man you should be aware that none of us are going to sign that contract without seeing the fine print.

So, here are some questions:

If you are visiting all 87 counties every year, does that mean you will meet with at least one constituent in every county? or just do a drive by.

Will your quarterly town meetings mean EACH actual quarter, or maybe 1 four day open to the public office presence?

Sure, you can post your vote and reasoning, but how about we get to forward OUR reasoning BEFORE you vote.

If you promise not to seek re-election if you vote with your party 97% of the time, how about you tell us which "unbiased" group determines that. And do cloture votes count as part of this voting process?

And as for your "action" bills.....

--Balanced Budget Amendment? So 90's...
--No Budget - No Pay? Your Senate salary is chump change for you anyway and GOP uses budget as a tool for ideology. Why don't you address that instead?
--Legislation for Keystone and other pipelines? If this is a binding contract, I think you better tell us what "other" projects you mean. And as long as we are putting this in writing, will you guarantee American steel?
--A repeal of the Medical Device Tax? A contract requires that you tell us what your revenue offset will be.
--Legislation to streamline our regulatory process? Does that mean bank regulation as well? Remember what happened with lax rules on that.

And about those additional pledges...

I am uncomfortable with redirecting public school money into charters. Why not fully fund them all? Details, McFadden, details.

On health care. Contracts need details on this. You can't take away health care from people without telling us what the alternative is. That is NOT a contract worth signing. Details, McFadden, details.

Energy plans for energy independence. So unlimited fracking? Tar sands oil? No exports? Details, McFadden, details.

Simplify tax code? For whom? Will you simplify it for corporations and actually make them PAY taxes? Details, McFadden, details.

If you may think that your signature on that piece of junk constitutes a contract, you aren't much of a businessman after all.

Minnesota won't be signing that contract.... not a chance.
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10/09/14 00:47
If you listen to some of McFadden's complaints, do you wonder if John Kline will tell him that's not how I do it.

McFadden ran an ad with the empty podium complaining about the lack of public debates ... which you know John Kline has not done since the 2008 campaign ... (and now that has rubbed off on Erik Paulsen as he also has not scheduled any debates with Sharon Sund.)

McFadden complained about the Minnesotans joining up with ISIS and said that we need to improve "education and employment resources and opportunities" ... which sounds like something that Chairman Kline should be doing.

Regarding the "visit every county each year" plank, well I believe that Amy Klobuchar had done that already ... and I bet that Al Franken did not miss many counties. Now, wouldn't you like to see John Kline make that same pledge ... I bet his Rice County constituents would like to see him ... of course that does not mean just a visit to a donor's business but a pre-announced visit to a senior citizen center or a CUB Food for a Congress on the Corner event -- where "Joe the Plumber" can talk to Congressman Kline.

There are a few Members of the House that actually explain their votes -- I believe that Justin Amish and Richard Hanna do ... there are others that explain each bill they vote on ... but McFadden may find it taxing to explain every vote as many are procedural.
Now, wouldn't you like to see John Kline explain his votes ?

The 97% is a gimmick ... today, many votes are approved by "unanimous consent" ... all he has to do is demand a roll call vote ... then he will vote for sex-trafficking legislation with the Dems and rig the system. Plus since the Senate generally takes roll call votes to confirm Ambassadors, those will count as votes with the Dems. Instead, he should review the 561 roll call votes taken this year and tell us which ones he would not have joined the Republican majority.

Balanced Budget Amendment ... that's not "so 90s", that was John Kline's sole campaign commercial in 2012.
Now, Kline did sponsor a Balanced Budget Amendment ... but it never has gotten a hearing.
And that's the problem with McFadden's "100 Day" pledge ... offering a bill does not mean that there will ever be a vote.
No Budget No Pay ... now that's so 2013 ... the House and Senate both passed that bill then ... and the government just started a new fiscal year on October 1st but there is not an approved budget ... the government is being run on a short-term funding bill that they will have to resolve after the election.

Repealing the "job killing" Medical Device Excise Tax ... heck, that was Erik Paulsen's pledge ... and he never asked for a vote on his H.R. 523 -- which he never even scheduled a hearing even though it was assigned to his committee. It did get folded in as an amendment to another bill that is going nowhere.

OK ... now to the real meat ... a stated pledge to fund charter schools which ignores the problem that if a the school district is broken, are there sufficient charter schools to accept these students ?
Heck, look at McFadden's Cristo Rey High School where about 270 students were enrolled for the first graduating class (which meant 60 students in its first (2011) graduating class), followed by 54 in 2012, 48 in 2013 and 47 in 2014 ... or a total of 209 ... meaning that a significant number of students left from the 270 that were stated in the 2011 MPR story.
Besides there are plenty in Congress that believe the federal government should play no role in education ... that's the state's job.

Lastly, the question of energy independence ... which is kinda interesting since gas in Mankato is $2.94/gallon. Domestic production is growing; the U.S. is poised to become a net exporter of natural gas as early as 2018, as well as the top oil producer in the world (ahead of both Saudi Arabia and Russia) by 2020.
BUT, Mr. McFadden is a businessman ... he knows that America oil companies will want to export ... is he saying "Drill here, Stay here" ? Plus, why are we opening up our oil processing capacity for Canadian oil through Keystone ... don't we want our capacity to be used here ?

I give McFadden an "A" for effort ... and an "A" for politicalization ... but I really wish he would talk to John Kline about his ideas.

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