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A Modest Proposal

Posted: 03/24/16 16:17

by Alan Anderson

Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell says he will block President Obama from nominating a Supreme Court justice this year. He said we should wait until a new president is elected so we can "let the people decide" on the next justice. He said that since the president is going to leave office, the responsibility for choosing a new justice should be left to the newly elected president. As he stated, "let the people decide". He basically suggested that a "lame duck" president shouldn't choose a new justice....the next president should do that.

Well, perhaps we should apply his reasoning to our government, too. Since one-third of the Senate is up for elections, we shouldn't allow those senators to vote on legislation since they may not be in office next year. So, let's let the people decide and have "lame duck" senators withhold their votes until next year.

And, of course, all the members of the House of Representatives are up for election next year. So they, too, are "lame ducks." So, let's apply Mitch McConnell's requirement and "let the people decide." Let's bar all the members of the House from voting on anything....until they have been reelected.

Of course, such a modest proposal is preposterous. It would shut down the government and bar anything from being done in the House. But, Republicans have shut down the government before. So, for them, no big deal.

But wait, there may be a solution. Where there is a tie vote in the Senate, the Vice President can cast the deciding vote to break the tie. Perhaps, where there is a tie vote on the Supreme Court, the President should cast the deciding vote. There, we just solved the problem. That should make Mr. McConnell happy!!!!
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03/30/16 15:59
Mitch McConnell has said that because the National Rifle Association and the National Federation of Independent Businesses have objected, there cannot be a vote.

Thus a litmus test ... so if you want to change things in Washington, watch whom they endorse and provide funding ... hint, Stewart Mills III was a big winner in 2014.
03/27/16 13:08
The GOP regularly attempts to claim the Founding Fathers as their moral compass. Here is one more example of how they misinterpret the intentions of the Founders. The First United States Congress past the Judiciary Act of 1789 which established the federal judiciary system including the Supreme Court and lower federal courts. Within two days of the law enactment the Senate approved all of Washington's nominees and the Chief Justice, John Jay.
03/26/16 22:16
The problem with you analogy is that any law passed by the house or Senate can be vetoed by the President or Changed by the next Congress,
We have no check on the Supreme Court.
They are just another political branch, but have no check.

Also, the Original Supreme Court was 6 members, so having a tie does not cause a constitutional crisis, It was actually much better since any ruling required a 2/3 majority to make a ruling 4-2.

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