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Republicans Failed In Their Responsibility

Category: Donald Trump
Posted: 01/29/17 11:19

by Dave Mindeman

Donald Trump is challenging our Constitution. What he is doing with this latest executive order, flies in the face of the entire document.

And here's the problem.

Republicans won the last election. It was narrow but they won. They control the House, the Senate, the Presidency. They argue that they have a mandate, although I think many people would challenge that particular assertion.

But here is the bottom line.

If you control the government, then you have very important responsibility. You are now the defense line for Constitutional protection. And if yesterday is any indication, the Republicans have failed miserably in that regard.

The silence was deafening. Trump's order was questionable in its broad outline, but to include Green Card status and a religious test in the fine print clearly violates the Constitution in regards to due process and religious liberty.

The Republicans failed because they remained silent. They did not meet the test. They did not protect our rights and are allowing a slippery slope into authoritarianism to continue.

Remember yesterday. Do not forget.

And Democrats have to step up and challenge all of this. The grass roots came through yesterday. The ACLU did its job. Now, Democratic leadership needs to do theirs.

These are perilous times and what we do now matters.
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01/30/17 14:40
Green cards are not a litmus test for not being questioned, but then a passport isn't either. But Green Card holders are just as entitled to due process as anyone.
01/30/17 14:38
And as for Green cards. The court order specifically noted that because Green cards were included in the order that this was part of the reason for the stay. DHS asked the White House about the green card question and Bannon answered for the WH saying all of it was included. Get the info from a more reliable source.
01/30/17 14:36
Ford - are you just going to parrot whatever the Donald tweets? That idea that Delta was the cause of airport problems is a farce. Even you should know better than that. Crowds of people protesting. Families of people detained. That was the reason for the airport problems. Nate Silver mentioned that he was a person that had a flight cancelled in a different airport - his response? Gave him more time to relax at the bar. C'mon Ford, try harder and make a legitimate argument - don't just do what Trump tells you to do. At some point, you are going to have to agree that Trump is dangerous for civil liberties. I used to think you had some principles. I have doubts now.
01/30/17 14:30
Dave's comment was largely debunked on CBS this morning. Green cards are not a litmus test that will permit people to escape closer scrutiny and may have to answer questions at the border--like are you really this person named on said green card. The NY AG was frustrated because they could not actually locate any "victims" of this executive order. There were no dark basement rooms at airports filled with travelers. Most of the airport chaos had to do with the meltdown of software that grounded 300 flights yesterday. More media misinformation spinning around the Orwellian "alternate facts" where bad is good, right is wrong, up is down.

I do agree with Pete's assessment that the future is certain to hold disruptions of historical proportion on many fronts.

01/30/17 11:10
Trump continues to take actions that alienate most the world's inhabitants and then when there is backlash minimizes and transfers responsibility. Trump is not mentally balanced. I expect bigger problems ahead.

The GOP's biggest problem and Trump's problem is they aren't choosing to make decisions for the betterment of all American's, but advancing an agenda of conservative over reach that will likely bite them in the butt.

01/30/17 08:46
apparently you missed something. Because this order went beyond "foreigners" and challenged green card holders. They are permanent US residents with full citizenship coming soon. They DO have protections...or at least they used to.
01/30/17 01:22
Foreigners have no rights under our Constitution. They have whatever rights are granted to sovereign people of the country of origin.

All people have human rights in this country. But not civil rights to protections under the constitution. The activists pushed in front of cameras today who pretend to be experts but are not state trump violates these foreigners they constitutional rights. Huh? In America? They are technically foreign invaders unless their documentation proves otherwise. As determined by ins, not trump.
01/30/17 01:03
Drama does little to promote the American tribalism promoted by the GOP. And does absolutely nothing to address what Howard Dean encourages democrats to address as a problem with our porous borders.

The psy-ops are hoping to create an American tribalism. Rather than divide our nation, grasp the notion of embracing our neighbors and friends (allies), rather than the divisive identity politics of the past.

Trumps latest ham fisted move to demonstrate willingness to deliver campaign promises has little to do about nothing. 109 detained for questions is meaningless to the 350k that pour thru our borders every day. I bet the vetting pulls are higher for yesterday but instead questions many as a matter of routine. It is their call...not trumps.

A tempest in a teapot funded by professional activists dedicated (and paid) to create American tribal strife.

Get it? When tribe equals dems vs GOP we get strife and chaos. When US vs the bad guys that blow up good people as our stuff and shoot innocent people, we get unity. When the Democrats fight that metric, they lose 1000x.

Start thinking about US vs THEM and you get unity, locking arms in a unified passion.

With that fact illustrated with clarity. Consider this.

When media portraying victims that are not victims but only inconvenienced travelers from war torn areas answering questions, the shame and disgrace their profession profoundly. The mis-information only serves to deepen the resolve that yemen=bad; somolia=bad, etc.

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