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Careening Toward A Constitutional Crisis

Category: Donald Trump
Posted: 02/16/17 00:22

by Dave Mindeman

The NY Times has just released a report that is very disturbing.

President Trump plans to assign a New York billionaire to lead a broad review of American intelligence agencies.

That billionaire is Trump ally, Stephen Freiberg - co-founder of Cerebus Capital Management. No official announcement yet, but Freiberg has been mentioned for a top administration position.

Freiberg has no experience in the intelligence community. But he has very close ties with Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner.

This is chilling.

In fact, it smacks of McCarthyism. Trump is trying to minimize the information coming out of the various intelligence agencies as illegal politicized leaks. It is assumed that Freiberg would conduct his review as a means of ferreting out the people passing out the leaked information.

Freiberg would operate out of the White House and probably report only to Trump. He could say anything. He could accuse anyone.

It is part of this ongoing effort to discredit inside information sources. Trump is working on minimizing the press. He is questioning the motives of protesters. And now, he is going to attempt to discredit the people who could release damaging information about what he has done and plans to do.

If anyone is questioning the idea that Trump is moving into an authoritarian transition in this country, that question is being answered.

We do not have an NIH director yet. Former Senator Dan Coats has been nominated for the job, but has not been confirmed. Mr. Coats smells a rat:

Mr. Coats is especially angry at what he sees as a move by Mr. Bannon and Mr. Kushner to sideline him before he is even confirmed, according to current and former officials. He believes the review would impinge on a central part of his role as the director of national intelligence and fears that if Mr. Feinberg were working at the White House, he could quickly become a dominant voice on intelligence matters.

We are careening into a Constitutional crisis.....and Congressional Republicans are sitting on the hands.

We are in big trouble.
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