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Jason Lewis Is On A Different Health Care Wavelength

Category: Congressional Races
Posted: 03/13/17 22:38

by Dave Mindeman

We are starting to get a picture of how Jason Lewis thinks. And it is not something you will want to hang on the wall.

Lewis won't meet with his constituents, but he is more than willing to call into radio shows with echo chamber qualities. And it is worth pointing out that Jason Lewis loves this health care bill. He says it isn't perfect (maybe it doesn't kick off enough poor people), but it does a lot of GOOD things.

Lewis will be overjoyed to see the individual mandate gone. It's not good for freedom you know. But what he also seems to be endorsing is bottom feeding health care to get healthier people into the pool.

What do I mean by bottom feeding health care? Well, Lewis wants to see plans develop that everybody can afford. But to him, that means whacking off most of the coverages that would be basic to serious health care.

To Lewis, affordable means skeleton policies. Catastrophic coverage policies. Policies in name only. Lewis wants you to be able to get that cheap coverage that gives you a card that you can take to your doctor's office that pretends you are insured. When the reality is that your coverage is not even worth the card board your card is printed on.

Sure, you can make coverage cheap. You can make it down right bargain basement. But you can't call it health care. And you certainly can't assume you are protected from bankruptcy, coverage denial, and payments abruptly halting when you hit a cap.

That's what Jason Lewis sees in your future. He sees this bill getting passed under the reconciliation process (if, as he says, some Republican Senators don't "betray us";), and then go after the rest of the bill's expensive benefits.

Jason Lewis isn't talking about health care here. He is talking about government reduction. It was never about health care and there in lies the problem. If you dismiss 24 million Americans losing their health care as a necessary means to health care reform, then you are talking past the needs of your constituents.

Which, by the way, they would like to talk to you about.
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Barbara Gilbertson
03/19/17 13:12
Jason Lewis has cast his lot with Republican trump and the intransigent legislative branch of his posse. The "leaders" who take a no-handshake approach to governance and diplomacy. In so doing, Lewis deserves appropriate skepticism that meets his every word and every no-show. I read his defense of Trumpcare on his website. Let me just say that I doubt Lewis' commitment to anyone in his constituency who doesn't walk his party line. We knew that would happen if he was elected a falsely-named "representative of the people." He represents those whose big bucks paved the way for two more years of CD2 rep bull. Two more years. But never again!
03/14/17 14:45
End 501(c)(3) charitable status from 100% of healthcare. There are no charitable hospitals. Research yes. Actual care, no. If you think for one minute that those healthcare professionals are working for free, guess again. End it!

We don't have charitable status for military contractors. why? The Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 eliminated the ability of government to provide for its own arms. This is a competitive bid process that has served this country very well for 120 years. Why are we not using this method for healthcare too? End the abuses!

We don't have government run gas stations. why do we do hospitals that way? End it!

03/14/17 14:33
Getting creative is not something democratically elected government enjoys.

I've heard that Medtronic's self-insured system ties the employee's payroll deduction for health insurance to the time spent at the fitness center. My morning walk today I clocked 400 miles since 9/21 when I downloaded the app to my phone. I want that premium reduction too!

Why are we still allowing Rx companies to advertise on mass media? Or advertise at ALL? Why do we add these useless expenses to our premiums? END IT! You don't need a majority to do it. Put it on the floor of Congress today and end it today. The Donald will sign that by the weekend!
03/14/17 14:15
We need a reset on health care. How we finance our needs has been all wrong for decades. It is no wonder we find ourselves in this mess. Keep the tribal loyalties out of this and make something that works.

Why are employers involved in healthcare? This is a throwback to the wage and price controls of the 60s and 70s. It became customary. As were labor unions. Back when employers killed people daily, unions were the ONLY way for workers to come home to their families at night--and they brought health benefits home too.

Why is there a dual health care system? It's a triple system really. You have the VA, for-profit, and charity. Yet they seem to be three silos of providers duplicating redundant resources and little sharing between them. Eisenhower used the military budget to build our nation's highway system. End the VA and send our vets to the doctors the rest of us use--and plan to pay for those needs. Why we deliver Billions to Germany to host the medical facilities in Europe is downright stupid. Bring those resources back to America and spend the money here.

the HSA system falling into favor with the Ryan tribe does do one thing. Money set aside for your needs are spent by you on things you determine you need for your health. Health insurance is not healthcare. My healthcare dollars go to 70% to major medical insurance, and 30% on stuff my family needs today--dental, Rx, Chiro, eyecare--none of which is even covered by Blue Cross Blue Shield. Those dollars are spent by me after I have the chance to shop for the best price, quality, and service--and only then after being convinced it is in my best interest to do so. A visit with your doctor about a procedure and a question about how much it will cost is very complex--impossible for a provider to even answer. Ask a dentist about the price of a routine cleaning and they will give you an answer you can shop. Ask a doctor about the cost of a surgery and you get that deer-in-the-headlights response--impossible to shop that.

Medicare has, for a very long time, been structured as a major medical plan with affordable access to a supplemental policy that finances the high deductible. This was one of the failed promises Obama made pitching his plan back in 2008. Never happened.

There is no tribal argument against providing care for the needy. Even Jason Lewis would admit that there needs to be a safety net. We need to be making a bi-partisan effort to build a system that provides a lifetime path for 80% to care for themselves, and then deal with the 20% the old fashioned way--welfare.

Instead we see the Ryan Tribe delivering a half-baked campaign promise at any cost and the Pelosi Tribe gaming this for tribal points. Damn-it! Run the place! How's it be the tribes starting delivering on well-managed government instead of tribal hate!
03/14/17 00:41
Jason Lewis is an ideological talk jock who has little care for the health and welfare of his constituents. He didn't say he would leave without insurance or health care. His stated goal was 'access for everyone." The great con in the health care debate. The Trumppcare biggest winners will be the insurance companies that will be selling crap policies with fine print and sky-high deductibles. The GOP proposal will guarantee Minnesota's top Fortune 500 company, UnitedHealth Group, record profits and and dividends. The American Health Care Act is a fraud, as is Lewis. By the way, I've seen some big numbers of dollars not coming to the State due to this GOP plan. Are we to believe this loss to the state will not impact employment?

Past time for serious talk of what our priorities should be. We have the biggest, most powerful, military in the world by FAR. Trump's giving the defense budget a 10% increase while denying people health care. Ryan, Trump, and price are sitting judges on this death panel of a no-care insurance scam. Good grief!!! Time for single payer and build a budget around it.

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