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When "Purifying" Democratic Candidates: Pick The Right Battle

Category: Donald Trump
Posted: 04/21/17 17:53

by Dave Mindeman

To all the Hillary bashers....past and present.

Complaint: Hillary took a lot of money from Goldman Sachs. Too close to Wall Street.

After election: Goldman Sachs runs the Treasury Department. The 1% are heading nearly every cabinet position.

Complaint: Hillary did not emphasize climate change enough.

After election: A climate denier is head of EPA. Climate cannot even be talked about in the government. And oil, gas, and coal get seats at the policy table.

Complaint: HRC ties to Clinton Foundation looked like "pay for play".

After election: Trump is a walking ethics violation. Trump businesses get paid by his campaign. Corporations gave money to inauguration fund - got direct access to NSC and foreign policy. Betsy Devos parlays donation into Ed Secretary. Ivanka promotes her goods directly from White House. Family members get prime positions in White House. Ties to Russia are explicit.

Complaint: HRC's e-mails were "careless" in handling classified info.

After election: Trump uses an unsecure phone. The admin has an unprecedented number of leaks. The chair of the intelligence committee, Nunes, talks to press about classified documents...and mischaracterizes what they say. Trump issued false accusation and ordered his staff to "find something" to corroborate it. Staff people aren't vetted - some even failed a security clearance.

Complaint: Hillary is too much of a "war hawk".

After election: Trump congratulates dictators in Turkey and Egypt. He bombs Syria. He is provoking North Korea. He has questioned the European alliance. He tries to befriend Russia and while doing nothing about Ukraine and Crimea. He insults Mexico, Australia, and Canada. And sends all sorts of mixed signals to China. And Russia and China are on military alert because they don't know what the hell is going on.

Complaint: Hillary is too friendly to bad trade policies.

After election: Well, at least TPP is gone. But Mexico is cozying up to China trade. Canada is causing a dairy crisis. He wants to keep obsolete manufacturing afloat. Does nothing for new job training (budget cuts a lot of it). Has no plan for Brexit. And thinks ending regulations will solve all of it.

I'm fed up with Democratic purists who think denigrating the DEMOCRATIC candidate is the best way to approach electoral politics. If HRC had been elected, everything on the complaint list would be better than what has happened.

I don't mind pushing Democratic candidates to be more progressive. That is a good thing to do. But once we have an endorsed candidate for the ballot, we need to fight like hell to get them elected. Then after the election we can fight harder for policy, with an actual chance of making it happen.

The next time you want to throw an endorsed Democrat under the bus, remember this Trump era.

Pick your damn battles.
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