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America Got A "Bad" Deal In Electing Trump

Category: Donald Trump
Posted: 07/20/17 10:54

by Dave Mindeman

There is something that Trump supporters should be begin to realize. Donald Trump is a business fraud.

The hyperbole was "I, alone can fix it."...or "I'm the best dealmaker"...or this or that treaty is the "worst deal ever made".

What is becoming pretty clear is that Donald J. Trump is no dealmaker, he is no brilliant businessman, he is the classic huckster.

His business acumen has really been on display for years. He has filed numerous bankruptcies, and has defaulted on so many US bank loans that no one would lend to him anymore.

Which led him into the shady part of the story. His only resource for funds for his grandiose business schemes became Deutsche Bank. And for as long as Trump has been associated with that bank, they have been flaunting international law on money laundering. There isn't any definitive proof that Trump is part of the money laundering conspiracy, but the pieces of the puzzle are not very encouraging in regards to innocence.

The corrupt Russian oligarch government has been funneling money our of Russia ever since Putin centralized his control. The main conduit has been Deutsche Bank. The German bank has already paid hundreds of millions of dollars in fines and are still being investigated - and we can only assume that Robert Muller is working on any connections this might have to the Russian meddling in the US election.

But let's get back to Trump's businesses. So there are multiple millions of dollars in loans that Trump has defaulted on. And he ends up getting money from a growing money laundering cartel - which automatically puts him in the middle of illegal activities. Since Russia is a major source of this money, it stands to reason that Russian connections would start appearing in the "Trump business model".

Odd real estate deals. Complicated transactions. Suspicious loan agreements. Connections to people who are targets of financial fraud investigations. It is all coming to a head.

Donald Trump is, in essence, a very, very bad negotiator. The leverage on these deals is always on the other side. Trump has isolated himself with terms that are shady at best - completely illegal at worst.

And, since the US electoral college gave Trump his chance to "prove" those hyperbolic business skills as a President, he has been failing in each and every area.

He has NOT hired the best people. He has NOT kept his campaign promises. He has NOT negotiated "deals" legislatively. He has NOT gotten Mexico to pay for a wall. He has NOT made better trade policy.

And that Iran nuclear treaty which he said was the "worst" in history? Well, it turns out US officials have confirmed that Iran is holding to their side of the treaty - and ironically, have complained that the US has not kept to the terms of their side.

Trump supporters, you got duped. And you know who is suffering the most damage from the Trump Presidency? The people who voted for him. The people who assumed he would bring back manufacturing jobs. The people who assumed that Trump would get us "the best health care". The people who were assured that the US standing in the world would be returned to "Make America Great Again".

It was all a bait and switch. A fraud. A snake oil sale. A Madison Avenue falsehood.

The question isn't whether Trump can make America great....the real question is "will America survive a Trump Presidency?"
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