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Blood And Soil

Category: Donald Trump
Posted: 08/13/17 01:16

by Dave Mindeman

It is discouraging to watch what happened in Charlottesville and then watch the discourse that follows.

This isn't hard to explain. It was an attack on the civil order. It was hate. It was a criminal act.

And yet, I read some of the most ridiculous arguments about this as if there are "shades of grey". Some Trump supporters blame the victims. Some argue that to criticize the President over his reaction is unpatriotic and shouldn't be questioned. I even read one comment that said the city pulled back their police intentionally in order to create "martyrs". How sick do you have to be to think that way?

Prior to Trump, most of the country accepted the existence of the newly named Alt Right (really just white supremacists of all stripes), but they were universally condemned in their beliefs and actions.

But Trump changed that. After he won the nomination for the party, he played this game in regards to white supremacists. He knew they supported his rhetoric and offbeat ideas - and in return he tacitly approved of their participation. He gave them cover. They could come out from under their collective rocks and hide their hate rhetoric within the First Amendment, a right they share with all Americans, but with the additional allowances of a President who refuses to condemn them - giving them a voice that normally would never make it to mainstream discourse.

Charlottesville is the culmination of this developing new order. That "Blood and Soil" chant was particularly chilling. That phrase refers to a nationalist philosophy that Hitler embraced giving priority to genetic ethnic descent and homeland property. These ideas sprouted in rural areas first, among people who were still recovering from the depression....

Ultranationalists predating the Nazis often supported country living as more healthy, with the Artaman League sending urban children to the countryside to work in part in hopes of transforming them into Wehrbauern (soldier peasants).

Gatherings of these hate groups is a dangerous thing. And although they have the right of assembly - they can be publicly challenged in their hatred. And they absolutely do not have any right to violence. Frankly, their entire philosophy depends on violence. So many of them brandish their weapons menacingly hoping to obtain intimidation of their opponents.

There can be no disagreement that what happened in Charlottesville is a terrorist act. At least under normal circustances. An act like Timothy McVeigh...like Eric Rudolph. Trump is quick to condemn the acts of religious fanatics with Arabic heritage. But stumbles for the proper reaction involving a terrorist act coming from people within his base.

A President has to be a President of all our citizens. He does not get to apply Constitutional protections or access to legal recourse to a favored few.

Today, Trump has failed another test. He couldn't bring himself to condemn a actions of groups that were clearly hate crimes - a political act of retribution.

He is not a true President of all the people.
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