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The Class War

Category: Donald Trump
Posted: 08/19/17 12:11, Edited: 08/19/17 12:11

by Dave Mindeman

Conservative populism (which is not a real thing by the way) counts on anger and racial division to hype a base of white victims, who have been convinced that their enemy is the minorities taking their jobs, their college placement, and their taxes via welfare.

People like Donald Trump have managed to convince the people less fortunate than him, that they could be wealthy, too, if only those people who don't look like them would go away.

It's not an argument based on any semblance of fact, but it serves as a distraction and a means of keeping the 1% outside of any kind of focus on being the cause of the problem.

And the reality is, that it is the wealthy in this country who have caused the economic problems for the working class. They have kept wages low via foreign manufacturing movement and robotic replacement. They have taken tax breaks from competing states which cut their costs. They have lobbied for tax laws that favor them. Lobbied for corporate tax subsidies to fund their new ventures. They push for infrastructure spending from their state's taxpayers while keeping their own taxes as low as possible.

We hear the GOP complain about welfare as some kind of redistribution of wealth to rally their base. When the truth is that the redistribution of money is from the bottom up - not the top down.

Donald Trump has risen on hate, racial division, diversions from criticism of the wealthy, promises he can never keep or plans to keep, blaming immigrants for everything he can remotely attach them to, and rhetoric which the grumbling populace believes to be true - even though it is factual bunk.

People in poverty and the lower to middle classes are being told that they should blame each other for their problems. Not the people who hold 80% of the wealth in the country. Not the people who buy their access to legislative actions. Not the people who manipulate the tax code. Not the people who tell us that tax cuts for them means jobs for us (which is also bunk).

True populism will realize that it is the 1% that are the enemy of democracy and economic freedom. The 1% are unwilling to give up any portion of their massive wealth - in fact they scheme to get more. The 1% are creating this toxic political climate by funneling their extra profits into political access and issue ownership.

It has become a pathetic pattern.

So, as long as they can get the people on the left to turn on each other rather than the true cause of the problem, they will continue to succeed.

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