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Where Are The Indictments?

Category: Donald Trump
Posted: 09/07/17 18:17

by Dave Mindeman

The Russia/Trump investigation grinds along and every step along the way leads to a massive conspiracy of collusion and treasonous activity.

Frankly, I do not understand why charges have not been coming. The evidence is piling up exponentially. And what is worse - the crimes are ongoing. The Trump administration is a rogue entity and the US suffers damage every day.

This is not hyperbole. Each day something new is added which has more ramifications on America. He is not making America great again; he is making America dysfunctional again.

Donald Trump Jr has had several weeks to come up with a reason behind his June 2016 meeting with Russian representatives. His e-mails clearly state that they were Russian. That they had information from the Russian government. And that Russia was finding ways to promote Donald Trump in the election.

And now, Donnie Junior is attributing it to an effort to find out of Hillary Clinton's fitness for office. Really?

As one person commented...."BUT THEY WERE RUSSIANS!!!"

Even people who make a living on opposition research do not consult foreign adversarial powers as some kind of trusted source for information.

Trump and Trump Jr. have made their pact with the devil long ago. They use whatever means necessary. They live on the edges of legality. They want only what benefits them and only them.

The chants of "lock her up" are particularly grating on the psyche when you think about the real criminality that Trump has been utilizing throughout the campaign.

We need indictments....now.
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09/08/17 21:26
Land a punch or go home. It's that simple. Loads of smoke. Stupid circumstances--agreed. Poor judgement--agreed. Either land a punch and press charges or move on. We need all three branches of government functioning.

Donald sent a clear message to both parties this week. Present something that can pass or I'll sign a bill from your opposition that will pass. Got it yet? He is not a wonk. He doesn't care about policy--winners or losers. He cares about gloating and knows how to get headlines--good or bad.

Washington Week tonight discussed how the traditional Republicans need to conspire with what's left of the Blue Dogs to start making deals they can present as a pretty glittery object so he can gloat when he signs them into law. The freedom caucus would be neutered. Emasculated! Democrats would become relevant.

This is going to get to the point where he calls a group from both parties into the oval office and announces that nobody leaves the room until there is a deal. Border wall for single-payer? DONE! Dreamers for a 15% corporate tax rate? DONE!

Read his book. It's in the book! Connect the brains and make deals--DONE!

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