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There Is One Problem In MN Governing - Kurt Daudt

Category: GOP House Republicans
Posted: 09/26/17 05:11, Edited: 09/26/17 05:35

by Dave Mindeman

Kurt Daudt has been demonstrating in a very public way, what people absolutely hate about the current political partisanship.

Daudt obstructs on everything...compromising on nothing. And uses political gimmicks to force his will or hide budgetary chicanery.

Daudt is an obstacle, a barrier, a stumbling block, a hurdle, a block, an impediment, and a hindrance. Think that is enough of a description? Well, Daudt is all of that and more. And he is the prime reason why the legislature cannot function and he has cost the state thousands, if not millions, in unnecessary legal fees.

Of course, Daudt never takes any responsibility for any of it. It is always Dayton who is at fault - even though.....

a) Dayton refused to shut the government down and used a line item veto to try to get the legislature to resume talks on remaining issues..

b) Dayton did not opt for his own court suit over the Revenue Department fund denial that Daudt used as an unconstitutional poison pill in the tax bill.

c) Dayton, time after time, tried to move forward on hand shake agreements and the word of a very untrustworthy Kurt Daudt. I doubt Dayton can ever do that again.

Daudt has been constantly attacking the executive branch of government. Not only did he try to unconstitutionally tie the hands of the Governor in the tax bill, but it is Daudt who pushed through that dead of night provision that tries to gut the Constitutional office of State Auditor. Both "ideas" have cost the taxpayers thousands of dollars in legal fees.

Daudt's methods are not ideas of negotiation, rather they are provocative confrontational methods that lead to showdown. And he attempts to get a clear advantage in those showdowns with gimmicks and trickery.

This is truly no way to operate a government.

People have been saying that they are tired of this type of governance. They want fixes to their health care. Fixes to Medicaid. Fixes to transportation. Fixes to environmental threats. They want government to find bipartisan agreement. But Daudt would rather obstruct the governor and force issues on a "my way or the highway" attitude.

And when he succeeds in his obstruction, he smirks to the press how it is Dayton that has caused the impasse.

Our problem in state government is not Mark Dayton...it is not even Paul Gazelka, GOP Majority Leader in the Senate...and it is not a majority of current legislators.

Our problem is one person - Kurt Daudt.

And the very idea that he might run for Governor and win and start that process all over again from an executive vantage point....well, it is sickening to think about.
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