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Disappointment With General Kelly

Category: Donald Trump
Posted: 10/20/17 21:15, Edited: 10/20/17 21:16

by Dave Mindeman

Something struck me about General Kelly's "defense" of Trump at the press briefing yesterday. Here is a quote that caught my attention:

"When I was a kid growing up, a lot of things were sacred in our country. Women were sacred. They were looked upon with great honor. That's obviously not the case anymore, as we see from recent cases. Life, the dignity of life was sacred - that's gone. Religion - that seems to be gone as well. Gold Star families - that left at the convention over the summer. I just thought that selfless devotion that brings a man or woman to die on the battlefield..I just thought that that might still be sacred."

That little speech was reported as "moving" and "solemn". General Kelly was trying to be thoughtful and retrospective. And maybe to him, it was very true.

But all I could think of, as he spoke, was well these things....

Women - Access Hollywood

Life - risking lives with health insurance; callous disregard for deaths of soldiers. Mismanagement of recovery in Puerto Rico, putting lives at risk.

Religion - does anyone truly believe that Trump is serious about his faith? I remember the words of my pastor from my youth: Anyone can say the right words - your deeds are what demonstrates your faith.

Gold Star families - The Khans

Deaths on the Battlefield - Whether or not Trump speaks to the families of the fallen is not the true test. It is more about how and why you put our soldiers in harm's way. Tell us the truth about Niger.

General Kelly's words, to me, were just a confirmation of Trump's many failures as a person and as a President. For General Kelly to use that moment to disparage a sitting Congresswoman's reputation is unconscienable. He joined in more of Trump lies in order to defend a President who is not worthy to defend.

We were told that General Kelly was going to be the "adult in the room" - but, as it turns out, Trump is just pulling him down into the swamp.
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10/27/17 00:57
18 USC 2385

Be careful what you wish for... 20 years in prison is a long time!

10/27/17 00:45
Impeachment? On what grounds?

10/26/17 22:44
It is time to resist and join the movement for impeachment.
10/25/17 17:35
Igor Panarin embraces and revels in all these antics. Here is a professor of Information Wars in the USSR that predicts the US to break up in a few year--back in 2010.

Do a Wiki search on Igor Panarin and read all about the root of russian thinking re: weaponized political rhetoric. They used the very same tactics to turn Crimea into a civil war in need of rescue.

All this talk of a coup d'etat--legal or otherwise--plays right into the hands of Putin and his thugs.
10/23/17 19:10
Not supporting the President means what? What legal means are there to undoing the last election?

If there were a clear path to declaring illegal activity, then the riots would soon end as opposing removal would be an indefensible act. Pull some political stunt to have his cabinet remove him would mean trouble in the streets. We have a long history of respecting election outcomes no matter how distasteful. More importantly, respecting the office. To do otherwise would undoubtedly mean a constitutional crisis and people are going to take sides. It would be proof positive why the 2nd Amendment exists. Sedition can be speech and other acts that promotes such an event. I can envision such an event seeing all sides exercise their 2nd Amendment rights. There are many sides to this, and law enforcement would be viewed as the enemy of them all. You can't possibly be serious about this.

My former Sheriff once quipped that if he were asked to disarm the general public, his entire force would be wiped out after the first or second city block. Putin would win his disinformation campaign by convince us to slice each other's throats, just like he did in Crimea.
10/23/17 13:44
It would be nice if the people of this courage would have some actual moral courage instead of giving lip service to morality. It is not sedition. It is removal of a dangerous man via the regular Constitutional means. Your ideas of policy could be done much more efficiently with Pence as President. I would certainly oppose his policies as well, but at least I would feel safer and we could have civil discourse. If you advocate for your issues, you sure as hell should not support Trump.
10/23/17 01:00
Dave, sedition is real. If you advocate to undermine our current president, by what what means do you propose? Undermine the office and sedition is real. 2020 is the next opportunity to change the holder of that office by ballot. All other means are clearly illegal and could impose serious implications on those who advocate for illegal change. Don't make that you. I'm just sayin...

Read his book! Have you read it yet? This guy can be played like a pawn shop fiddle if you give him enough rope to hang himself.

I for one hope trump is successful in accomplishing his goals, as expounded thru teleprompter and not twitter.

Korea? One false move by un and respond accordingly. No more cash payments for sorta good behavior.

Isis? Smoke

Health care? Fix it so good people can afford to care for their families.

Tax reform? Make me unemployed! Go to a Fairtax regimen and bring the $9 trillion back on the books.

End the need for us to police the world. Arm japan! Arm Israel. Arm Europe.

Break up corporate trusts and bring jobs back to main street America.

So much to do and so little time.

10/21/17 12:23
Can't fix anything until the cancer is excised.
10/21/17 00:43
Elections matter, and Trump won. Get over it already.

Monday is a new day. So how do we make Tuesday better? Next opportunity to put forward Trump's replacement is soon. Yet there is ZERO discussion about that and 100% discussion about BS regarding last week's tweets.

Until there is a meaningful dialog about a vision for 2025 America, the Democratic Party is nothing more than an annoying footnote in American history.

What does 2030 look like in your eyes Dave? Party/tribal nonsense is just that--nonsense. Make a case and plot a path to what 2030 can look like and then build coalitions to make that happen. Or keep whining and let Bannon build his.

Game over! Whining = you lose!

10/20/17 23:34
Really, Ford - now you say I should just ignore the President of the US? Really? Trump is not presidential material and never has been. He makes George W look like Mother Teresa. He should not be in charge of anything. His executive orders are just vindictive reversals of all things Obama. He is a child and at this point, I will gladly take Pence. At least he won't kill us all.
10/20/17 22:37
Let it go Dave. There are no winners here. All attempts to make political figures look bad, or awkward, or less than genuinely and passionately respectful, fail.

Anybody foolish enough to look at politicians as being some sort of virtuous leaders at sorely misinformed.

Ever heard of Bill Clinton? How about Harvey Weinstein? Yep, they not only knew each other--one had the other's back by giving and loaning to the legal bailout of a seated President.

Ever heard of JFK? How about an actress with a last name of Monroe?

The disgraceful actions of this country's leaders predate this country! Ever heard of all the children of slaves by former Presidents?

Who cares what the Donald believes about his faith or lack of faith? What matters are the actions that he takes as President, not what he tweets, or what he says or how he says it. What matters is the office. What matters are those who are affected by his actions.

I for one would love it if the President was left out of the news unless he is appearing with a Teleprompter--then it has been vetted. the rest of the time he is just another American with an opinion.

Notice how these reports of his bone-headed antics come to play on days when real news happens but somehow never makes the news? It happens all the time. And the media is too stupid to focus their attention on anything other than very low hanging fruit handed to them directly by the tweeter-in-chief.

You, the media, and the rest of America and the world should treat him like the Cluster B sociopath that he is...ignore him. If it doesn't matter it doesn't matter. Until he actually does something that is actionable evidence of a crime, ignore him. Focus on what does matter.

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