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Franken Situation: Now It Has To Be A Process

Category: Donald Trump
Posted: 11/28/17 13:21

by Dave Mindeman

This Franken issue has become a dark rabbit hole. I can't defend Franken's actions, but this can get to a point where we have to let the process play out and stop the distracting arguments that keep us away from what we need to do.

Unlike a lot of other men being accused, Franken has volunteered to let an ethics investigation run its course. Has anyone else done that? Donald Trump is reversing the one apology he gave on the Access Hollywood tape. Roy Moore hasn't given an inch despite very credible testimony. Hollywood actors let their publicists handle the firestorm.

Now does that mean that Franken should not have to resign? No, certainly not. There comes a point where you cannot be an effective Senator if the conversation continues in this manner and there is little doubt that some uncomfortable situations did occur for several women.

But let's not let this devolve into an "I only believe her" or "I will never believe him" path. That isn't productive. Unfortunately, we have this awful tendency of going too far one way or the other. There is no question that women have been forced to suppress their discomfort and have been unable to vocalize outright criminal behavior. That is changing (and let's hope that this change continues) - but let's not lose sight of the differences in each situation.

I guess we should consider a time out on the Franken discussion. I know the Republicans will continue to make up for any reduction in sound bites from Democrats. But that is what they do. They attack Democrats and leave their own side alone. But Franken will have to deal with that if he wishes to stay on and muddle his way through this.

Given the fact that we have an agreed upon process....the Ethics Investigation.....let's allow that to play out. I hope that it will be a bipartisan process, but given the current environment, it is hard to believe that a fair and impartial procedure will occur. But so be it. We need to have some kind of public resolution and that is the avenue available.

In the meantime, the public discourse is getting a bit saturated. Every possible angle of the Franken story seems to have been examined. Even the women involved must be suffering from public fatigue on this.

I am not naive enough to believe that Senator Franken is not in for a rough time going forward. But that appears to be part of his penance.

Let's allow for a process and maybe we can find out what it takes to resolve these situations.

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