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Very Sad Day

Category: Al Franken
Posted: 12/07/17 13:24

by Dave Mindeman

Al Franken has always been a hero of mine. No one reminded me more of Paul Wellstone than Franken. He has been a progressive, a fighter, and an advocate for so many of us. It is sad that he leaves the Senate. I understand the reasoning. It would be impossible to be effective with this cloud over his head. I am confident that the man accused of these inappropriate behaviors is not a complete picture of him by any means. If anyone chooses to gloat over this resignation, you have my disdain. This has been a rough time for him - his advocacy for women's issues should not be minimized because of his past misdeeds. Since he has been a Senator - his comportment has been exemplary.

Even now, he does what is best for Minnesota and for us by resigning his position. I won't litigate these accusations and innuendos. That is no longer relevant. My main hope is that this purge does not become a one sided issue. These stains are not limited to one Party. We have prime Republican examples, at this very moment, thumbing their noses at how women should be treated - and with the full support of their party as well.

I feel great disappointment that many women in the Democratic Party who called (justifiably) for Franken's resignation, did not support the ultimate female goal of making Hillary Clinton President. The opportunity passed because of unnecessary party bickering and false equivalence on standards.

This is a deeply sad day for Minnesota. I am sure the MN GOP will gloat and taunt this event. It is what they do. But looking only within our own party is not good enough. This is a national issue. The silence has been broken but effective advocacy must be taken to the ballot box as well. 2018 MUST be the year of the woman. This has been said before in elections past - but this time there are real stakes. Real consequences. The Democratic Party listens to women. It advocates for women. And it is the only path to real protection and change for women.

You may agree that Al Franken's resignation is the right thing. But fighting for what he advocated for is still our responsibility.
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