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Jason Lewis Will Not Accept Facts - Even From Fox

Category: Congressional Races
Posted: 01/27/18 10:08

by Dave Mindeman

Well it is confirmed. Rep. Jason Lewis is so much into denial on Trump that he won't believe any source - even Fox News - on anything negative on Trump.

The self described "wordsmith" stammered all over himself trying to spin the Trump attempt to fire Mueller story into a fabrication.

"I don't know," he said during an interview with Brianna Keilar on CNN Friday. "There have been so many stories on this particular quote, unquote Russia investigation, I don't know what to believe anymore. We'll see."
Keilar pushed back, saying the story, first reported by the New York Times, had been confirmed by multiple news outlets, including Fox News.
"I'm inclined to believe those sources, but by the same token, a number of corrections brought forth by members of the mainstream media on the Russian story already, every network, every newspaper had to issue corrections," he said. "I just think that there is a zealousness out there, people want to be the first to get a story out or drive the nail home and they don't use sometimes good journalism to get that done."

Quote, unquote? Really Lewis, are you trying to tell us that the "Russia story" has no foundation at all? Nearly every news outlet has confirmed that Trump tried to fire Mueller last June. Every single one. But Lewis can't allow himself to admit that his Trump, his icon, could be put in a negative light. At least one he was willing to admit.

Lewis is a hopeless Trumper. He only sees what he wants to see. He can't be bothered with facts. Is that someone that should be representing us in Congress?

I hope your answer is no - because that would be a fact based response.
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01/29/18 12:15
Excuse that last word. It was part of captcha, and not intended for my last post.
01/29/18 12:12
Thanks, Dave. I have now book marked that blog siteArnikaweg
01/27/18 21:01
Jackie - I am going to try reposting these blogs on a second site - mnpoliticalroundtable.com
Try that instead. Sorry - this blog format is very old.
01/27/18 18:52
Dave, why does it take so long for your column to "come in? I really enjoy your writing, but waiting forever for the article to appear drives me crazy...the only one that acts this way. There must be a glitch somewhere on the website.

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