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My "Much Too Big" List of Trump Annoyances

Category: Donald Trump
Posted: 01/29/18 00:41

by Dave Mindeman

This is my "much too big list" of annoying things about Donald Trump.

1) He has no idea what climate change is.

2) He uses the same phrases over and over.

3) Everything he is going to do "will happen in a couple of weeks."

4) And on every issue where he needs to make a decision, he says "we'll see."

5) He denies everything - even little stupid things.

6) Fake news - is just an alibi for what is true.

7) Whenever he says something crazy, his staff walks the worst stuff back as if everyone should have known what he meant all along.

8) He golfs all the time.

9) He gets free advertising for his properties because the press has to follow him to his myriad of places he stays...other than the White House.

10) He NEVER talks about his son Barron.

11) He acts like Melania is a decoration.

12) Christian evangelicals make excuses for him on every stupid, disgusting thing he does.

13) He makes Pence stand behind him and fondly watch him speak.

14) He actually believes he's funny because his sycophants feel compelled to laugh on cue.


16) His briefings have to have visual aids to keep his attention.

17) Everything he does is the "best ever" or "is record breaking."

18) He has no moral compass - anything he has ever said can never be counted on to be a real, actual opinion.

19) His foreign policy can be summed up with "act tough".

20) He has made us a laughingstock in the rest of the world.

21) He thinks that lawyers can get him out of anything......and are supposed to.

22) He wanted proof of Obama's birth certificate, but can't release a tax return or financial data.

23) His adult children are super annoying and reek of white privilege.

24) He treats safety regulations as a nuisance to be disposed of.

25) He name drops famous or rich people as close friends whenever he can - even when he does not know them.

Trump is a cancer on the Presidency....no, make that on humanity.

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01/29/18 23:22
Trump has moved the ball further down the field for the working poor--including minorities and women--than the past 7 Presidents. Those MAGA hats stayed in the closet but the election is still a secret ballot. It will be a secret in 2018 and 2020 as well.
01/29/18 23:16
Understand this... Respect the office. As awkward and phony as Trump can be, he was prepping for the SOTU address at the same moment Clinton was reading from a goofy book on comedy TV.

"Obama bugged my phones...." True
Fake news is real. More like junk news but true.
Most retirement accounts have Huuugly grown.
Trump wants to save the dreamers and MAGA.
Leave Barron alone Dave.
Evangelicals are smart enough to know they would be fools to look at a President as being a source of virtue.
White privilege...have you ever met a 2nd generation rich kid? My guess is you could not be in the same room with a 3rd generation rich kid. I can't. Why would Trump's kids be any different?

The Democratic talking points are an offense to all decent white people everywhere. The echo chambers are ringing so loud the public has shut their ears to it. The media is beating the "Whites hate black" drum without ceasing. The empty seats in attendance at the SOTU address will be proof positive that the Democratic Party has failed the American public. They have failed to deliver representatives who are capable of participating in this Republic.

The smell of chum is in the water tonight. I can still hear the "lock her up" echos to this day. He's making them tell the truth at least long enough to allow him to pardon her officially.

I'm just sayin...


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