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A Memorable Memorial Day

Posted: 05/28/18 18:57

by Alan Anderson

Today is a day to remember our fallen soldiers, those who have sacrificed their lives to keep our country safe and secure. These are true patriots who should be remembered with love and true honor.

And this day is memorable because our national leader, the president, has defiled the day by suggesting that our fallen soldiers would be proud of what he has done to make our country successful. He turned a day of remembrance and pride into one of self-adulation and boasting of things that he inherited from previous administrations.

The worst part is it comes from a man who refused to serve his country. A man who used his wealth to dodge the draft and refused to put his life at risk to serve his fellow citizens. In many ways his actions produce a country that is the polar opposite of that which our dear soldiers would lay down their lives.

So this Memorial Day remember our fellow citizens who have protected us all from enemy threats. And hope that some day our country will return to its former pride and have a leader who can honor our fallen with dignity and respect.

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