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Category: Donald Trump
Posted: 08/24/16 12:22

by Dave Mindeman

Trump's new campaign manager, Kelly Anne Conway said this in a recent interview...

"The hidden Trump vote in this country is a very significant proposition," she added.Asked if she could provide an estimate of the number of those voters, Conway said the campaign had a ballpark figure but was choosing to keep it private."I can't discuss it," she said. "It's a project we're doing internally. I call it the undercover Trump voter, but it's real."

We have been missing something. The Undercover Trump Voter (UTV) is apparently out there and the Trump campaign is out there identifying them.

According to Conway....

"It's because it's become socially desirable, if you're a college educated person in the United States of America, to say that you're against Donald Trump."

Socially desirable to be against Trump even though you secretly love the guy. What kind of person would this be.

Let's speculate....

The UTV is a frequent commenter on news sites. Always using an off the wall handle like FU-MTF-15.

The UTV goes to parties and laughs at all the Trump jokes while taking notes in a binder.

The UTV is the guy who yells at the refs all...day...long.

The UTV is the woman in the grocery store who always slides her credit card through the payment slot knowing she has a chip.

The UTV voter always has a bumper sticker with Calvin pissing on something.

The UTV voter is the guy who orders a double meat sub and asks for Mayo Light.

The UTV voter is the guy in the flat bed Ford pickup who pulls next to you at an intersection always inching ahead so you can't see around him.

The UTV voter is that guy with a backwards baseball cap, sunglasses, no sleeve shirt who is ahead of you in a store line and never has any ID.

The UTV voter is the guy who mows his lawn with a mower that has a bag and then uses a leaf blower to get any clippings he missed.

The UTV voters is that neighbor who works 6 vehicles into his driveway and then goes to work on a motorcycle.

The UTV voter is the elderly woman who always goes to the grocery store waits till every item is scanned and then starts writing a check.

Yeah, they are out there. Everywhere.

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Laureate Universities

Category: Hillary Clinton
Posted: 08/24/16 11:00, Edited: 08/24/16 11:01

by Dave Mindeman

As long as we are doing Clinton "scandals", let's take on another one. This time we are getting attacks on Bill for getting paid $17 million for being an "honorary" Chancellor for Laureate Universities - a for profit education institution which operates University programs all over the world with 5 entities in the US - including Walden University (a MN based school).

OK - first Laureate has some of the same issues on how they present themselves to potential clients as other For Profit entities do. In fact, Walden University has had some class action against them - one case was dismissed and another one is being generated.

Laureate as an entity has some issues but they are accredited and as the Senate investigative report on For Profits pointed out - "Laureate is one of the better actors in the group."

But let's get back to Bill - yes, he was paid a substantial amount of money. Most of what he did was promotional. His presence gave them legitimacy and in a lot of cases they have done some good work in educating the poor. But they have also fallen into the For Profit trap of over promising what they can do.

Anyone who reads this blog knows that I am not a fan of For Profit players. They had John Kline in their back pocket and they have other Republican members of Congress tied to their donor base.

I am not going to condone Bill Clinton for his role in Laureate, but he had little to do with the day to day operations of this group and when Hillary began her run, he resigned his affiliation with them.

That was Bill. But Hillary has taken on the For Profit College industry. She made it clear from the beginning that she will hold them accountable and that stance probably prompted Bill's resignation. She has not changed that policy and I expect she will make a lot of changes in how the For Profit groups operate.

Groups representing Trump have made the following accusation:

But the Republican presidential candidate's backers have also suggested -- incorrectly, it seems -- that Hillary Clinton directed tens of millions of dollars in State Department funds to the for-profit higher education company. "As secretary of state, Hillary Clinton laundered money to Bill Clinton through Laureate Education, while Bill Clinton was an honorary chairman of the group. Clinton's State Department provided $55.2 million in grants to Laureate Education from 2010 to 2012," Trump's campaign said in a statement Tuesday. "This is yet another example of how Clinton treated the State Department as her own personal hedge fund, and sold out the American public to fund her lavish lifestyle. Laureate made money by racking up student debt on vulnerable students."

Inside Higher Ed stated their investigation of this:

The statement is factually wrong on several accounts. The State Department has not made any grants to Laureate. The statement appears to be conflating grants that the State Department made to the International Youth Foundation, a nonprofit group focused on preparing young people worldwide for work, whose president and CEO, William S. Reese, tried to correct the record in a recent letter. Reese noted that Douglas S. Becker, Laureate's founder and CEO, is the chairman of the foundation's volunteer Board of Directors -- he did not "run it," as some news reports suggested. Reese also pointed out that the organization received more grants during the administration of President George H. W. Bush than it did while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state.

OK - you can make of that what you will...but again, as with most Clinton scandals, not much "there" there.
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Sometimes A Charity Really Is Just A Charity

Category: Hillary Clinton
Posted: 08/24/16 10:21

by Dave Mindeman

Here we go again. Another attack on what the Clintons do. This time it is the Clinton Foundation and this idea that donors could "play for pay" access to the Secretary of State.

I want to quote part of the AP article that is in question:

"More than half the people outside the government who met with Hillary Clinton while she was secretary of state gave money - either personally or through companies or groups - to the Clinton Foundation. It's an extraordinary proportion indicating her possible ethics challenges if elected president.

"Donors who were granted time with Clinton included an internationally known economist who asked for her help as the Bangladesh government pressured him to resign from a nonprofit bank he ran; a Wall Street executive who sought Clinton's help with a visa problem; and Estee Lauder executives who were listed as meeting with Clinton while her department worked with the firm's corporate charity to counter gender-based violence in South Africa."

Now the insinuation here is that you only get access to the Secretary of State if you give to the Foundation. Which leaves out the fact that the Secretary of State spends most of her time with foreign dignitaries, state department business, and heads of state. But these "donors" are also people who are involved with international dealings that often require help from the State Department. Conflicts with foreign governments by individuals....visa problems....and potential danger in unstable areas - all examples of what was quoted ARE State Department issues regardless if they were donors or not.

Fact: The Clinton Foundation does life saving work around the globe.

Fact: The Clintons get ZERO dollars in compensation from the foundation.

Fact: The Clinton brand attracts big money interests.

Fact: The Clinton Foundation uses big money interests to help the poor.

These are not scandalous issues. The idea that there is a lot of money involved attracts the press. They follow the money. But this particular money doesn't lead to anything. There are no "pay for play" issues. There is no "quid pro quo". There just isn't any scandal.

Trump is going to label it the way he wants to - he always does.

But sometimes a charity is just a charity.
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