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In the 8th District: Even If You Vote Trump - Nolan's Your Guy

Category: Congressional Races
Posted: 10/24/16 00:34

by Dave Mindeman

The KSTP poll for the 8th District has Stewart Mills III in the lead 45-41. And with Trump up double digits over Clinton in that area.

The 8th District has had plenty of rumblings about the Democrats. And apparently they would like to see Trump tearing up those trade deals.

But be careful what you wish for.

Let's take Trump first. There is no indication that Trump has any real understanding of trade policy. I contend that he thinks a trade deficit with another country is a monetized deficit. He thinks that a $500 billion trade deficit with China means they got that much money from us. I believe that is what he really thinks. I think that is his premise for Mexico "paying for the wall" - he's going to fix the trade deficit with Mexico and get all that "money" back. Do you really want this guy in charge of trade policy?

And although the 8th District is upset about cheap Chinese steel imports (and by the way, Trump used Chinese steel for his casinos)....there is the flip side of this, in that the 8th District does need a healthy export economy. That means we need to get some kind of trade mechanism in place and Democrats have promised to protect labor in those negotiations.

And really, do you honestly think Trump really cares about your jobs up there? He wants to go back to raping the land for minerals, and coal, and oil. Unrestricted without regulations. What would that do to the 8th District tourism industry?

And then there is Mills. Stewart is thinking he can ride that Trump train into Congress, but can you trust him as well? Mills says that he is now against the TPP and wants "fair" trade instead of free trade. This has required a full reversal on his past trade thoughts. After all, his company, Fleet Farm, needs an unencumbered ability to export. And in the past , he has embraced the establishment Republican "free trade" orthodoxy. Do you really trust him to not go back to his old ways once he establishes himself with Paul Ryan and the rest?

It is one thing to compare Trump to Clinton on trade. It is another, when comparing Mills to Rick Nolan. Nolan has established his negative view on the TPP - and he has a record of opposing deals that do not protect American workers. He is already in line with 8th District views on mining and environment. In this political climate, do you really want to be represented by a neophyte and give away a proven track record?

In the real potential event of a Clinton presidency, even Trump supporters should think twice about firing Rick Nolan. You know where he stands. You know that if President Clinton begins to waver on trade that Nolan will have the ear of the President. And you also have in Nolan, a person recognized as one the THE most effective members of Congress.

In the 8th, even if you prefer Trump - Nolan's your guy.
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"Time is short. Families are waiting. Republicans are ready"

Category: GOP House Republicans
Posted: 10/23/16 19:34, Edited: 10/23/16 20:00

by Dave Mindeman

On October 13th, Kurt Daudt put out a statement on how we had a health care crisis and that we had to act.

Time is short. Families are waiting. Republicans are ready.

It is now October 23nd. Dayton has called for the legislative leaders to get together and come up with a plan to fix this - and if they did he would call a special session.

The Senate made its proposals.

The Republicans have talked a lot in the media but have not answered.

Time is short. Families are waiting. Republicans are ready.

David Hann appeared on Almanac last Friday. He again criticized the Democrats for the MNSure program (even though MNSure itself is not the problem - and he knows it). Sen. Lourey outlined what he is hoping will be bipartisan action for a solution that can happen immediately - which he outlined. Sen. Hann said that we had to examine it closely.

Time is short. Families are waiting. Republicans are ready.

On October 14th, Kurt Daudt said, "The two sides need to come up with something as soon as possible,and waiting until after next month's election is not acceptable."

On October 21st, Daudt said, "House Republicans are committed to working quickly on ways to reduce costs and address the health care crisis Democrats created. It is my hope we can find areas of agreement and provide needed relief to Minnesotans suffering from the effects of Obamacare."

We are still waiting for Daudt to respond to Dayton's request.

Meanwhile, House GOP attack ads on Democrats fill the airwaves.

Time is short. Families are waiting. Republicans are ready.

It would seem Republicans have been ready, at least that is what Kurt Daudt said.

So, why is nothing happening? Oh, I think you know.

Special note: The 6 recommendations to fix MNsure in the SenateDFL bill were from the bipartisan HC financing task force.
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Category: GOP House Republicans
Posted: 10/22/16 20:42, Edited: 10/22/16 20:48

by Dave Mindeman

In the heat of this campaign...with all the ads floating around....it is time to do a little MYTHBUSTING:

1. Income Tax

Myth: Democrats in the Minnesota legislature raised your income tax! (So say the billionaires at Americans for Prosperity - That's the Koch brothers!)

Truth: 98% of us are paying the same or less!
If your taxable household income is more than $250,000 - that's the top 2% of Minnesotans - your taxes on income are 2% higher... but the rest of us PAY THE SAME OR LESS!

2. Senate Office Building

Myth: Democrats in the Minnesota legislature wasted $90 million dollars on an unnecessary new office building.

A. The extensive - and long overdue - refurbishing of our rapidly deteriorating 110 year old capitol building resulted in the loss of 23,000 square feet of Senate office space. Space was lost to increase public participation space and achieve compliance with modern disability access requirements.

B. Estimated cost to repair water damage to the building where the Republicans currently reside is about $100 million. That's $8 million more than the cost of the new office building.

C. Republicans' continuing refusal to move into the completed office space, unnecessarily costs Minnesota tax payers $$$ to keep renting alternative space for the Revisor of Statutes Department (which were slated to move into where the Republicans are once the new building was completed).

3. MNsure

Myth: MNsure is a failure and needs to be eliminated.

Truth: MNsure needs work, but Democrats in the legislature have already offered fixes for the individual market.

And keep in mind....

---Thanks to the Affordable Care Act and MNsure, 95+% of Minnesotans now have health insurance.

--In 2014, it's first year of operation, 48,495 Minnesotans signed up with MNsure; In 2015, 46,481; In 2016, 74,060. A 20% increase is projected for 2017. It is doing the job it was designed to do.

4. Transportation

Myth: Democrats in the Minnesota legislature are spending money needed for road and bridge repairs on transit instead.

Truth: Funds from the gas tax, are dedicated to road and bridge repair by Minnesota statute and constitutionally can never be used for anything else - but year after year, that hasn't been enough. Our roads and bridges keep deteriorating. We keep falling further and further behind. We are now projected to be in a $10 billion hole - Democrats have proposed increases in the gas tax for just that very purpose.

--But as for transit....suburban districts ask for this year after year and the House Republicans refuse. They say it costs too much, but the reality is that there is a large pool of Federal money that can be used for special projects like light rail and our state dollars can be leveraged to gain those dollars on a 6, 7, or 8 to one basis. We can't afford NOT TO DO IT, if we are to keep up with modern transit needs.

5. Suburban Democratic candidates

Myth: Democrats like John Huot (57B), Erin Maye Quade (57A), Lindsay Port (56B) and other districts in the metro supported the a) Senate Office Building, b) MNSure, and c) higher taxes.

Truth: Although there is nothing wrong with those projects, Republicans are simply not telling the truth when they say they "supported" those things. They have not been in the legislature (yet) and never voted on any of these things. To insinuate any of that is just plain false. When they join the legislature after the election, then you can hold them accountable for their actual votes.

The Republicans are creating a lot of myths in their attack ads. Do what you can to educate the voters on the truth.

Make sure that they are "BUSTED".
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