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The Trump Health Care Disaster

Category: Health Care
Posted: 10/13/17 12:09

by Dave Mindeman

Who is most affected by Trump's decision to suspend ACA subsidies....

States with the highest average monthly tax credit for premiums:

AK - NC -WV - OK - AZ - TN - AL - NE - WY - CT - SD - MN - LA - PA - SC

If it looks a little red to you, you are right. 13 of 15 are Trump states.

States with total dollars received from ACA premium credits:

FL -CA -TX -NC -VA -PA - GA - IL - MI - NJ - MO - WI - TN - MA - OH

Again, fairly red. Ten of top fifteen are Trump states.

Total number of people receiving tax credits by state:

FL - CA - TX - NC - GA - PA - IL - TN - VA - MO -AL - WI - SC - NJ - AZ

Red again. Eleven of top 15 are Trump states.

It is worth noting that New York does not appear on any of the top 15 lists even though they are a high population state. While North Carolina is in the top five for all three. Minnesota will get hurt disproportionately because they have had one of the highest average credits and in addition, MinnesotaCare will take a big hit as well.

This is a direct assault on the poor. It takes a system that was working with a few problems...to a system that gets completely unraveled.

Trump is destroying our health care system singlehandedly.

And Congress, once again, stands by and watches.
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Using The 25th Amendment

Category: Donald Trump
Posted: 10/12/17 20:07, Edited: 10/12/17 20:15

by Dave Mindeman

According to the workings of the 25th amendment, it would take 14 people to set in motion the removal of Donald Trump.

13 Members of the cabinet (a majority) and VP Mike Pence.

So, let's speculate about where his cabinet people would come down on this:

Sec of State - Rex Tillerson (think he wouldn't do this right now?)

Treasury - Steve Mnuchin (follower not a leader, so don't count on him)

Defense - James Mattis (I think he'd be in the 'kick him out' camp)

Attorney General - Jeff Sessions (revenge, people, revenge)

Interior - Ryan Zinke (total Trump lackey- no vote here)

Agriculture - Sonny Perdue (unknown feelings about Trump)

Commerce - Wilbur Ross (crony - he's with Trump)

Sec of Labor - Alexander Acosta (he's a Trumper)

HHS - Acting Sec Don Wright (Price out - Wright is total unknown)

HUD - Ben Carson (If cabinet numbers are close, Carson would oust Trump)

Sec of Transportation - Elaine Chao (wife of McConnell; need we say more?)

Sec of Energy - Rick Perry (Perry will go with what's best for Rick Perry)

Sec of Education - Betsy DeVos (devout Trumper)

Veterans Affairs -David Shulkin (came out of Obama Admin - yes vote)

Homeland Security - soon to be Kirstjen Nielsen (Kelly cohort - yes vote)

Chief of Staff - John Kelly (he'd be the one to start the process)

US Trade Rep - Robert Lighthizer (unknown quantity)

UN Ambassador - Nikki Haley (Probably a Yes vote, but not a deciding one)

OMB - Mick Mulvaney (he'll stick with Trump)

CIA - Mike Pompeo (allies with House leadership - could be a yes vote)

DNI - Dan Coats (Trump has him bewildered - betting on Yes vote)

EPA - Scott Pruitt (only Trump would give him this job - loyal Trumper)

SBA - Linda McMahon (also a Trump loyalist)

So, by my count - we have 10 or 11 votes right now - of the 13 needed.

And you know that Pence would sign on if there were 13.

Trump could fight it, and then it would take a 2/3rds vote of Congress. And Congress could get there.....believe me.

Would these characters have the guts to do this? Doubt it - but never say never.
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Single Payer Is NOT A Litmus Test

Category: Health Care
Posted: 10/09/17 14:49

by Dave Mindeman

I have long been a single payer advocate. Four years ago I wrote a piece for Minnpost regarding this - and I stand by those words.

However, in the political world, single payer gets jacked around with false notions and false assumptions. Conservatives have managed to hijack a lot of perceptions about single payer. False perceptions but out there never-the-less.

The pushback against single payer is still a problem. And for this reason, I will not force Democratic candidates to abide by some single payer litmus test. If they hold to the universal coverage axiom, we can start with that, and if elected they can be convinced to support single payer in a workable form.

A previous problem that has hurt the single payer push is the rushed bill that Vermont put forward. It was flawed from the beginning and single payer failed in that state. When conservatives point to that failure, it has an effect.

Single payer health care will require strong advocacy. But that advocacy has little use in a Republican led Congress or legislature. We have to allow Democratic candidates to find a winning campaign path - and if they feel that single payer may hamper that quest for the moment, then I cannot fault them for that.

If you support single payer and support a candidate who has the same value for that issue - by all means work hard for that person. But if they do not get an endorsement or lose a primary to another candidate who is not so clear about it, do not disappear. Keep working to elect the candidate on the ballot who will listen to your advocacy.

Too often, progressives let the perfect wreck the good enough.
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