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No Longer A Proud, Exceptional Country

Category: Donald Trump
Posted: 01/12/18 15:14

by Dave Mindeman

I have paid attention to the political world for a long time. But I have never been so exasperated by an administration like this. And what is even more frustrating is that the Republican party - the so called fiscally conservative party, the law and order party, the moral values party - yes, that party, has become a completely unrecognizable party with little or no core values anymore.

Trump has debased political language even further than it was before...and it was bad. He has taken no responsibility for anything. He has made no secret of his core racism. He makes money off the presidency. He has turned our foreign relations into a hodge podge of who is better at complementing him and our core allies have no idea where they stand.

It is increasingly clear that no matter how many times he says there was no collusion.....there was. And the cover ups, the lies, the distortions....they are reckless and dangerous...and few take the word of the White House as even close to the truth.

How can we call this a democracy? How can we call this actual governance? Trump does not care about tradition, human rights, equal opportunity, or the basics of the middle class. This is all about enriching those who are already rich. And about holding power at the expense of relationships with other countries.

Who would look up to a country run like this? What moral example are we sharing? What is exceptional about our country with corruption so evident?

It is hard to know what to say. As long as Trump is our President, there is little to be proud of about America.

This must be changed.
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Massive Cover Up

Category: Congressional Races
Posted: 01/05/18 22:29

by Dave Mindeman

For nearly a year the Senate Judiciary Committee under Senator Chuck Grassley, has been, at least in theory, been investigating the Russian interference in our election. At least we think that is what they are doing.

But most of Grassley's attention has been taken up with Fusion GPS and the Christopher Steele dossier. It would seem that Grassley has been assigned the task of discrediting that part of the Russian evidence.

His method of this is to stonewall any release of the Fusion GPS testimony (even though they have asked that it be released) and today, they decided (Grassley and Graham) to recommend charges be investigated or brought, by the FBI, against Christopher Steele - for theoretically getting some facts or dates wrong in his testimony.

A year of this and that is your best effort?

Grassley tells us that he cannot release the Fusion GPS testimony because making it public would interfere with Mueller's investigation. At the same time, Grassley says that he would be happy to have Fusion GPS testify again in an open session if they wish. So why would a public hearing NOT interfere with the investigation? Would Grassley be limiting the questions? I would assume the Democrats inquiries would follow the same pattern. Why would that be so different?

These Congressional (clearly partisan) hearings are producing nothing. The only things of relevance we find out about the Russian caper come from leaks and from the reactions of Trump. Whatever the Republican committees are doing is interfering more than helping.

When this all began nearly a year ago, the Republicans seemed genuinely troubled by Russian interference. They actually seemed concerned enough that they wanted to get the "facts". But as revelations came forward that implicated the Trump administration in several avenues of wrongdoing, suddenly the Republican investigation has been trying to look for alternate paths to relevance. So it is back to Hillary and the Clinton foundation and other Democratic plots in waiting.

This is one party government, America. This is what you get. You get lies, deceit, cover up, and tricks. No where do you get truth and discovery.

I once believed that eventually we would get to the bottom of all this. I thought there was a path to truth. But with all the Republican attempts to discredit the facts and individuals involved in finding that truth, it is clear that we are being obstructed in that path.

We have the entire government of the United States sent into massive dysfunction and dishonest manipulation of the facts. This is much, much worse than Watergate. At least at that time, there were people who believed in the truth.

Right now, we do not have anyone in power who cares one pebble about it.
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AG Sessions Wants To Go Back To Fed Marijuana Enforcement #Bad

Category: Donald Trump
Posted: 01/04/18 09:41

by Dave Mindeman

Our drug policies are a nightmare and AG Jeff Sessions is about to make them impossible. Marijuana is not a dangerous drug. It is not a gateway drug. It HAS medicinal value.

The future is clear. Marijuana will be a legal drug for medicinal and recreational use. For AG Jeff Sessions to take us back to the "mad reefer" days and the foolish incarceration of marijuana possession is just ridiculous.

We have an opioid crisis - everybody agrees on that. But pain is also a serious problem and we do not have many alternatives. Marijuana could be one. And not just for pain, but it shows promise in epilepsy, autism, muscle diseases, and neurological function. And yet, we are prevented from researching these possibilities by archaic drug policy.

The war on drugs is over. Drugs won. And frankly, that is a good thing. We don't have to create new criminals. Let marijuana join the ranks of cigarettes and alcohol. Regulate it but make it legal.

AG Sessions is a proponent of an archaic past. He has not progressed out the '60's - the part of the regressive sixties, when we feared duck and cover and Cheech and Chong. Drug laws on marijuana have become a farce. We overcrowd the jails with non-violent offenders - who sometimes become career criminals because of being jailed for these drug laws.

Law enforcement has bigger problems to deal with -- free them up to combat the dangerous criminal behavior. Jailing a person for getting the munchies after a stoking session is as dumb as it sounds. We handcuff the police on guns and we waste their time on marijuana enforcement.

Sessions may personally have bigger things to worry about. Maybe he will get to know those marijuana "criminals" up close and personal after he is indicted himself..... for real crimes.
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