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Sally Fields War Protest Cut by Fox

Category: Iraq War
Posted: 09/17/07 01:07

by Dave Mindeman

While watching the Emmy Awards Sunday night, I was trying to figure out what happened when Sally Field was giving her acceptance speech. She was her usual flustery self... going on and on with her thank yous... but at the end she seemed to want to say something about the war. And just as she was about to say it her mike went dead and the visual was cut.

Think Progress enlightened me. She finished her speech this way:

Field then continued, ?If mothers ruled the world, there would be no ?? But the Fox Emmycast cut off her sound and pointed the camera away from the stage, silencing the rest of her sentence: ?god-damned wars in the first place.?

I guess you could have expected a bleep for the "god-damned" but to cut off the sound and visual entirely? Well, of course, you have to consider the source... this IS the Fox Network after all.

Fox... the only network that refused to carry the Democratic rebuttal to the Bush speech last Thursday (they asked viewers to turn to their cable channel Fox News Network).

Glad to see that the patriots at Fox are looking out for our freedom of speech.... at least the parts they want us to hear.

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Attack Ads Left and Right

Category: US Politics
Posted: 09/16/07 16:32

by Tom Hammond

MoveOn.org has now joined right-wing Conservatives in a cesspool of bad taste. Its ad suggesting that General Patraeus was betraying America was unfair and offensive, a carbon copy of the Conservative attack mentality.

In 2000, Republicans ran attack ads with pictures of Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein and Senator Max Clellan together. They accused Clellan of being weak on national security. He lost both legs and an arm serving in Viet Nam .

In 2004, Swift Boat Veterans savagely attacked and ridiculed John Kerry?s military service. Kerry won a Silver Star, Bronze Star, and three Purple Hearts in Viet Nam .

In 2000, Bush operatives spread false rumors that John McCain had fathered an illegitimate black baby. McCain spent 6 years in a North Vietnamese prison.

In each case the dishonest attackers won the election.

Osama Bin Laden has said that America ?s democracy is corrupt and failing. I wonder where he got that idea.
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The Politics of the Hispanic Vote --the WSJ Actually Gets It

Posted: 09/16/07 00:43, Edited: 09/16/07 00:48

by Dave Mindeman

Here is an excerpt from the Wall Street Journal Editorial for September 15, 2007. It should be one of those "duh" moments for Republicans..... (but it won't be):

Between 1996 and 2004, the Republican share of the Hispanic vote doubled to more than 40%, only to fall in last year's midterm election to less than 30%. The most recent polls show Hispanics breaking for Democrats over Republicans by 51% to 21%. What gives?

To understand this remarkable erosion of Latino support for Republicans, look no further than the most recent Presidential debates. While GOP candidates debated the urgency of erecting a fence from California to Texas along the Mexican border, Democrats debated in Spanish on Univision.

To reverse current trends, the GOP need not resort to ethnic pandering, which is the left's m?tier. But Republicans would help their cause tremendously if the party at the very least adopted a welcoming stance toward Latino newcomers. People aren't going to listen to your message unless they believe you care about them. Ronald Reagan didn't regularly receive a third of the Hispanic vote by sounding like Mitt Romney or Fred Thompson on immigration.

Tone matters in politics, and getting people to vote for you is easier when you're not likening them to Islamic terrorists, or implying that Latino men are hard-wired for gang-banging. Unlike blacks, who have hewed to Democrats in large majorities for decades, Latinos are proven swing voters, and Republican energies would be better employed trying to win them over instead of trying to capitalize on ethnic polarization to win GOP primaries.

The bold emphasis is mine.

Go ahead Rudy and Mitty.... bash away. Your base may like it but you may have to kiss Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, and New Mexico goodbye.

Democrats should also take heed; joining the GOP in some kind of immigration vendetta is political folly.
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