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Category: Sarah Palin
Posted: 10/02/08 10:10

by A. Anderson

Some are waiting for the VP debates to pass judgment on Sarah Palin. Her recent interviews have told me all I need to know about her judgment. She suggested that Alaska was not a foreign country; rather it was a microcosm of the United States.

Really? Alaska is perhaps one of the most unique states in the country. Larger in land mass than several of our largest states (such as California and Texas), Alaska is 65% owned by the US Government and 10% owned by Native groups. Alaskans only own 25% of their own state. They have only one city of more than 100,000 people. The majority of revenue for the state comes from petroleum and US government subsidies. In fact, the Permanent Fund, which comes from oil revenues, gives Alaskans thousands of dollars per year in rebates. Many areas don?t have property taxes and there is no state income tax. Seventy percent of the population is Anglo, while 16% is Native. Wish my state paid me!

If Ms. Palin thinks this is a microcosm of the US, then she doesn?t understand 80% of the country is urban and the top 10 cities have more than 1.7 million people each. States, such as Michigan or Ohio, don?t look or function much like Alaska. For a person who won her first political race 530 to 310, then re-elected 413 to 185, her experience hardly generalizes to much of the United States. Mr. McCain certainly could have done much better.
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Faribault Editorial on Sarvi Is "Patently" Wrong

Posted: 10/02/08 04:37, Edited: 07/03/13 13:46

by Dave Mindeman

Newspapers have editorial pages to give opinions.... and that's fine. But when they give that opinion, you would expect that they would at least abide by some journalistic principle.

In a September 25th, 2008 editorial, the Faribault Daily News doesn't give an opinion, they give political cover for John Kline while denigrating assertions made by Steve Sarvi.

They call it "politics at its worst". Well, they evidently haven't been paying attention to John Kline's methods. But as long as they are going to critcize the Sarvi campaign, let's examine the charge.

From the Editorial:

In his effort to unseat U.S. House Rep. John Kline, challenger Steve Sarvi (DFL) is alleging through interviews with various media outlets, on his Web site and through television advertisements that the congressman doesn?t truly care about veterans. As evidence, Sarvi says Kline has suggested the military is spending too much on researching post-traumatic stress disorder. ...It?s also one that the evidence shows is patently false.

Patently false?

The "evidence" refers to this Kline assertion:

As the Daily News Put It: Asking the question of whether spending so much money on PTSD is pulling too much focus ? and money ? away from the huge number of leg and arm injuries being suffered in the current campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq.

As Sarvi put it: While suicides among veterans were approaching all-time highs, John Kline participated in a hearing held by the Military Personnel Subcommittee of the House Armed Services Committee and asked if ?we let this emphasis on PTSD . . . pull us away from this orthopedic effort??

Sarvi took exception to Kline's comments as being a real commitment to veterans.

But here is the Faribault Daily News Editorial defense:

That was a fair question to ask considering the variety of serious wounds ? mental and physical ? our troops are coming home with and have come home with from all our country?s wars.

Tell me editorial board, you actually consider that acceptable? Are you telling us that the injuries our soldiers suffer in a time of war should be "triaged" according to what we can afford?

Are you?

I don't care if there is a huge number of leg and arm injuries coming out of these campaigns -- TREAT THEM!

I also don't care how many PTSD cases are out there -- TREAT THEM!

And I also don't care if Wall Street bailouts or Auto Industy loans or propping up AIG is the crisis of the moment.... you still treat ALL our veterans injuries...PTSD or otherwise.

I don't care what it costs. Raise my damn taxes if you must...really I mean it. Every veteran that comes home from those wars (and I am thankful for every one that does) deserves the best medical treatment the richest country on earth can afford.

If John Kline thinks that "fiscal conservatism" has anything, ANYTHING, to do with which wounded soldiers get treated, then Kline deserves Sarvi's criticism and the additional criticism of any fair minded American citizen.

There was nothing unfair or untruthful about Steve Sarvi's criticism of John Kline's record. And the Disabled American Veterans agree... they gave John Kline a zero rating in 2004 and 2005 -- yes, zero.

So.. to the editorial board of the Faribault Daily News, I say this. Do you agree that health care for our veterans should be only what we can afford? Should injuries be prioritized based on cost? Should we send our young men and women off to war and then tell them we can't afford to help you when they come home?

John Kline's military service is not being questioned. He served honorably and well. Steve Sarvi also served his country honorably and well.

Sarvi has every right to question John Kline's commitment and the commitment of this administration to the coming home soldier.

You can claim Sarvi's opinion on the matter may be wrong (and opinions, by definition, cannot be "patently false" ), but the end result of the health outcomes for our veterans begs to differ.

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Sarah the Prophet

Category: Sarah Palin
Posted: 10/01/08 15:25

by A. Anderson

Sarah Palin?s interview with Katie Couric revealed what an unusual woman the Alaska Governor really is. While having problems identifying a single magazine or journal she read, she actually demonstrated why she doesn?t need to read anything at all: she is a prophet. How do I know? She said she had listened to Joe Biden?s speeches since she was in, like, second grade. Being born in 1964, she would have been in second grade around 1971 or so. Since Mr. Biden wasn?t elected to the Senate until 1973, she was able to listen to his speeches before he gave them. This is quite a powerful skill?able to listen to the future before it happens. It is also quite exceptional since most second graders I know don?t usually listen to speeches by U.S Senators.

We shouldn?t underestimate such a gifted woman. I hope she tells us how the economic crisis turns out. It sure would be nice to know before hand.
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