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Spinning "Straw" Into More Fearmongering

Category: US Politics
Posted: 06/16/07 17:35

by Paul Bartlett

Each and every time the Republicans make a mess -- and they do it with predictable regularity -- they manufacture a distraction. A straw-man. The distraction is always disingenuous nonsense, intended to draw attention away from the Republican mess de jour. Recent distractions include gays in the military, Terry Schiavo, Intelligent Design (aka, creationism), men telling women what they can do with their bodies, flag burning, gay marriage, etc.. The Republicans don't really care about these issues.

Joining that list of distractions are the estimated twelve million
undocumented Mexicans, in this country, doing the back-breaking work that puts food on our tables. Mexican migrants have planted our crops and harvested our food for decades. I know; I'm a 58 year old man who toiled shoulder to shoulder with Mexican migrants when I was just a kid, working on Door County, Wisconsin farms owned by my relatives. And those Mexicans had followed earlier generations, dating back to about 1900.

Americans are easily conned into believing there is a looming
immigration disaster. Nonsense. Are we so myopic that we are blind to our own history? The American economy has relied on Mexican migrant labor for decades, and every American consumer has enjoyed the benefit: cheap food.

Mass deportation would result in an economic tsunami for this nation and the helpless lives that politicians so callously toy with.
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Scooter's GOP Justice

Category: US Politics
Posted: 06/16/07 13:40

by Tom Hammond

For years, Republicans have proudly boasted that they are the party of law and order. They gloried in supporting tough judges and even tougher prison sentences. Their slogan was, ?If you commit the crime, you?ve got to do the time.?

Scooter Libby, Vice-President Cheney?s former Chief of Staff, has
been convicted by a jury of perjury and obstruction of justice. A tough, law and order judge, appointed by President Bush, has sentenced him to 30 months in prison. This should warm the hearts of every Republican crime fighter.

But from every corner of America, law and order Republicans are enraged that Libby is going to jail. Hundreds of prominent Republicans have sent letters to the judge supporting Libby. They are calling on President Bush to set him free with a complete pardon.

Apparently, we have misunderstood their tough, unyielding stand on law and order. They obviously didn?t intend that Republicans should be punished for breaking the law.
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Repya Challenging Norm Coleman?

Category: Minnesota Politics
Posted: 06/13/07 23:02

by Dave Mindeman

It looks like Joe Repya isn't going away. Now the Star Tribune is reporting that Joe is going to be doing some speaking engagements and at the same time doing some "listening" about a challenge to Senator Coleman. Translation: He wants to run but wants to see if he can get some monetary support.

Repya's ego is growing faster than 3M chemicals are seeping into the ground water. But I think Joe is overestimating his reach.

Lloydletta thinks this could be a problem for Norm:

"The Republican base has never trusted Coleman, so a challenge from the right will hurt him. Kevin Eckernet is an example of one such Republican base activist who will be supporting a challenger to Coleman."

She is pretty much right on when it comes to Republican politics.. so I would assume that Norm Coleman could take a hit among the GOP activists... some of the bloggers... and maybe a few donors.

But to me, this could also develop into a postive for Coleman. He has been looking for distance from an unpopular President and Repya will help define the differences that Coleman wants... kind of the way that Ford Bell helped Klobuchar define herself as a centrist.

A Coleman debate with Repya would make Coleman look and sound like the moderate he pretends to be when needed. That may hurt Norm with some of his base but it gives him some inroads with independents. And those are the votes he wants to court. I can't see his base abandoning him in the general election ... especially if his opponent is Al Franken.

Repya will think he is taking on Coleman the RINO... but Norm will be flashing that dentally enhanced grin...ear to ear.
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