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Let's Break Through in the 3rd - Support Madia

Posted: 08/20/08 04:23, Edited: 07/03/13 13:45

by Dave Mindeman

In Minnesota's 3rd Congressional District, Ashwin Madia has been outperforming expectations on all fronts. An Iraqi War veteran with a strong message and compelling biography, he has been just what the doctor ordered for a competitive open seat.

Last month, MPR had a great article about how the Indian-American community has rallied around Madia's candidacy. He doesn't dwell on his heritage or run away from it either. But the generosity of this ethic group has given the Madia campaign a head start on competing for this Congressional seat.

But he needs more.

One of the biggest obstacles for Democratic candidates in the remaining Republican seats has been fundraising. The networks have been slow to build and quite frankly, in places like the 2nd and 3rd Districts, there had been a lot of discouragement because of the long track record of losing.

But the current opportunity in both districts requires a small "leap of faith" that this will be different. Madia's ability to keep up with Erik Paulsen's fundraising has been both a surprise and a source of optimism that hasn't been seen in the 3rd for, well, decades.

Today is another one of those deadline days. A day to send a message that Minnesota Democrats support the hard work and efforts of a strong campaign and a strong candidate.

Break that Republican lock in the 3rd..... give generously.

Got to ACT BLUE now.

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mnpACT! Will Be At "The Big Tent" In Denver

Category: Minnesota Politics
Posted: 08/19/08 14:38

by Dave Mindeman

Just a note about next week's Denver convention. My family and I are going to be there next week. I am not a delegate or an "official" floor blogger, but I did get accepted as a blogger for the "Big Tent in Denver" for new media.

You can check out more information about The Big Tent here. The main sponsors are Digg and Google and is hosted by Daily Kos and ProgressNow. I am not sure what to expect.... this is a new venture for them and everybody else; but the "tent" (it is two stories) is just a few blocks away from the Pepsi Center. They plan to have a live feed to the convention and will have forums and discussion groups on their own stage.

The Convention floor itself has bloggers from every state. The Minnesota contingent in the hall, is Minnesota Independent along with The Uptake. I was told by one of the Big Tent reps that mnpACT will be the only Minnesota blog in the tent. So, we will be trying to give you some perspective of the goings on outside the center. We will see who visits the Big Tent forums and maybe check out some of the protests and side events going on.

I don't have any idea what I will be focusing on. I think I will just let the experience flow.... you might end up getting a lot of personal perspective, but maybe that will be OK, too.

It should be an interesting week -- I hope you will check in from time to time and see how we are doing.
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OCS Oil Rigs: Terrorist Targets?

Category: Environment
Posted: 08/19/08 12:30

by Dave Mindeman

John McCain will finally get his opportunity for a photo-op from a Gulf Coast oil rig today. This was first scheduled a month ago but he ran into a bit of a problem....


As Politico's Jonathan Martin points out:

Bad weather and, more significantly, an oil spill in the Mississippi River scuttled McCain's planned trip last month.

But here is something else which I very seldom see discussed. As the coastlines change from oceanviews to oil rig views, there is another potential problem with offshore drilling.


What an inviting target. Sitting out in the middle of the ocean. A small contingent of terrorists wouldn't even have to enter the country. They could base themselves in Mexico or Central America and charter a boat....get some scuba gear-- the possibility seems much too easy.

Even one destroyed rig would cause a chain of events that would send our country reeling. The environmental damage would be calamitous. The effect on oil markets disastrous. The fear factor would be disproportionately high.

Funny how the "drill here, drill now" folks don't seem to talk about that very much....

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