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Category: Society
Posted: 11/03/08 11:08

by A. Anderson

There is no other word for it. Efforts by the Republican Party across the country to deceive and intimidate voters, and basically to corrupt the electoral process in America is the lowest form of political activity in a country that prides itself on democratic principles. Voting is a sacred act, for which many Americans have sacrificed their lives to protect. To watch as some in our country try to trick others and deny individuals the right to vote is criminal.

Here are a few examples. In Philadelphia, in predominantly African American communities, information is being circulated that warns voters they will be arrested if they have unpaid parking tickets or criminal convictions if they show up at the polls. In Virginia bogus flyers with official looking government seals have told voters that because of the high turnout expected, Republicans will vote on November 4th and Democrats will vote on November 5th. In New Mexico private investigators working for a Republican attorney have harassed potential Hispanic voters, threatening to call immigration authorities, even though voters are legally eligible to vote. In Pennsylvania emails have been circulated linking Barack Obama to the Holocaust, suggesting ?Jewish Americans cannot afford to make a mistake on November 4th.?

These examples are despicable. The Republican Party needs to publicly apologize for these heinous actions and pledge to never interfere with the voting process in America. It is shameful and should never be tolerated.

Can House Democrats Hit 90? It is a Big Unknown

Category: Minnesota Politics
Posted: 11/03/08 04:14

by Dave Mindeman

One of the big questions that will be answered tomorrow is.... can the Democrats in the Minnesota House get to that 90 figure to maintain a veto proof majority?

My answer would be... I don't know.

There isn't much question that this will be a Democratic year in terms of the Presidential race, but how far down the ballot will this momentum carry?

Polls show significant ticket splitting will happen in Minnesota. In the Senate race, polling indicates that Franken doesn't get anywhere near the same numbers as Obama.

In the Congressional races, the numbers tend to favor Democrats but again, not in the numbers that appear at the top.

So, where does that leave us in regards to the Minnesota House? There are several factors to consider:

1) The economy is the number one issue, but how will that play out in the local races? Hard economic times tend to favor the Democrats, but the House Democrats have been in a heavy majority for the last 2 years. Are economic problems an issue for the Democrats or Governor Pawlenty? Since, Pawlenty is not on the ballot this year, frustrated voters have only one place to vent.

2) The Republicans have fewer seats to protect. There is strong evidence that the House caucus has invested heavily in districts that they lost by small margins in 2006. That, coupled with strong outside buys from business groups, will probably take back a few of those seats. However, going the other way, the Republicans have a few more open seats to deal with and that favors the Democrats. In the end, it could all end up as a wash.

3) A big X-Factor is new voters. A lot of new faces will be at the polls, mostly to vote for Obama. But will they continue to vote all the way down the ballot? They will be the least informed of the electorate and the chances of them making it all the way through the House races are dubious at best. Still, if they do vote all the way down, they are most likely to vote straight party.

90 is a big number but it has happened before. There have been times when one party has had as many as 110+ seats in the House, but it just doesn't seem likely that such a phenomenon could happen this year. Governor Pawlenty has been investing a lot of his time to make sure he is still relevant going forward.

Will that be enough? Tuesday will tell us and it holds serious importance for how Minnesota will move over the course of the next legislative cycle. We will be watching it closely.


NO! Senator Coleman! Not This Time!

Category: Norm Coleman
Posted: 11/02/08 13:00

by Dave Mindeman

Alright. One more thing on Coleman. He seems to be contending that this lawsuit in Texas is strictly a business dispute and shouldn't have anything to do with him. He also contends that Democrats have essentially set him up by "leaking" this information to the Strib a week earlier.

Couple of problems with all that.

First of all, Kazeminy is directly involved. It all revolves around Kazeminy and his desire to funnel money to Coleman. That is the objection that CEO McKim has made. It is central to the lawsuit. Norm cannot say that he is not involved -- he is the central example of Mr. McKim's claims regarding Kazeminy and speaks to the very basis of the suit.

Secondly, any Democrat in Texas who would have first hand knowledge of this suit would most certainly have tried to find a way to get this information out to the public. Any Republican with the same opportunity, if a Democrat was involved, wouldn't have hesitated either. But it was not Al Franken or the Franken campaign. The direct inference by Norm Coleman, that Al Franken was behind it all, is just a political ploy...a fabrication...a lie. It is typical of the way Coleman has always operated....get in trouble, find a way to blame your opponent.

I don't know how all of this will play out, but if Coleman manages to pull this off, Minnesota will again have a Senator Coleman stained with controversy....tainted by a stolen election....and giving us yet another round of his usual, say anything, do anything, election tactics.

For anyone who remembers the Wellstone Memorial controversy and the way Coleman emerged as "a 99% improvement on Paul Wellstone", it is time to say something.....

Not this time, Senator Coleman. Not this time!



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