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Another Voice on Al Franken

Category: Al Franken
Posted: 06/13/08 17:54

by Dave Mindeman

Sometimes you need to hear from someone close to the situation to get the full picture.

When it comes to Al Franken, you need to read the "journey" of Barb Miller... a Franken delegate and a writer for the Clothesline Blog (one of the best written blogs out there). Here is an excerpt:

Here?s the deal, people. Al Franken has said some really dumb stuff, no question about it. Offensive stuff, in some instances. And on my way to Rochester for the convention, I wondered how I would deal with that, knowing there would surely be a mega stink....

Folks, it?s been there all along the way ? the good, bad, ugly. I wish there weren?t any ugly. So does Franken. He told us so. I believe him. And I also believe that goes deeper than his Senate aspirations, but that?s just my personal take on the situation. Yes, it?s what a satirist does. Yes, it?s what a satirist who writes for or performs for Playboy or SNL or, or, or says. And group think can be pretty bawdy sometimes.

But here?s the thing that kept rising to the forefront for me as I pondered The Franken Dilemma. There is just one reason for digging and flinging and accusing and blaming in politics. Just one. It happens when your own candidate does not measure up. When your candidate is a hollow, callow chameleon. When the only way you can elevate your candidate is to tear down the opponent by fair means or foul. Usually foul, as has become the Republican modus operandi.

Let me speak plainly. Republicans cannot make Norm Coleman look good. Not enough lipstick on the planet for that porker. The only way for Republicans to distract voters from Coleman?s appalling history is to fling poo. And make no mistake (as Franken pointed out), there would be poo flying no matter who(m) the Dems endorsed. Easier with Al because he?s so totally out there. But there are people whose entire specialty is opposition research on candidates famous and obscure. They dig and dig until they find events, people, donations, photos, anything that could possibly embarrass or, in the best of all worlds, destroy, the opponent.

Read the whole post here....and don't forget the comments.
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Tim Russert of Meet the Press Dies at Age 58

Category: Presidential Politics
Posted: 06/13/08 15:52, Edited: 06/13/08 15:54

by Dave Mindeman

I am totally shocked. Tim Russert of Meet the Press is dead of a heart attack at the age of 58. As far as I am concerned, he was the last of the true political reporters in the entire nation. I have watched Meet the Press religiously for years....his questions always were right on point and well researched. He was obviously loving the high stakes election of 2008, but unfortunately, he will not see its outcome now.

We have lost one of the best.
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Norm Coleman Is Still Wrong on Property Taxes

Category: Norm Coleman
Posted: 06/13/08 11:41

by Paul Bartlett

On April 7, 2008, the Winona Daily News printed a letter from me
regarding Norm Coleman's hypocritical stance on property tax relief. On April 13, 2008, the same newspaper printed a pathetically lame response from Tom Erickson, a guy who is apparently connected to Coleman and Coleman's campaign.

I'll repeat my assertions: Coleman received big time limited market value discounts on his Saint Paul residence from 2000 through 2006. Don't believe me? Log onto the Ramsey County web site and look it up. Coleman's property ID number is In 2007, Coleman voted against Senate Amendment 545. That amendment would have provided Minnesota with $357,500,000 in property tax relief (to fund federally mandated special education).

Norm Coleman is a hypocrite and Tom Erickson is his shill. This is what we expect from Republicans in general and Norm Coleman in particular.

I'm tossing down the gauntlet. Prove me wrong. I'll repeat my
assertion: Coleman is quite willing to receive property tax relief for
himself while denying it to all Minnesotans.

By the way, I'm a licensed and accredited real estate
assessor/appraiser; my assertions are not opinions, they're facts.
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