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Category: Presidential Politics
Posted: 12/13/07 23:08

by Tom Hammond

What kind of person would be so cold and heartless that he would deny tiny, helpless children access to medical care? The president of the United States , that?s who.

President Bush has vetoed the State Children?s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) for the second time. The program is designed to cover the medical needs of 6 million children whose parents don?t qualify for Medicaid.

The Bible exhorts us to ?Heal the sick? Maybe the president got that confused with ?Tax breaks for the wealthy.?
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Presidential Religious Games

Category: Presidential Politics
Posted: 12/12/07 16:09

by Paul Bartlett

In an upcoming New York Times Magazine article, Mike Huckabee, Republican presidential aspirant, asks, "Don't Mormons believe that Jesus and the devil are brothers?"

In a pandering effort to secure evangelical support (Huckabee is a former Baptist minister), Huckabee has gone too far. The presidency is a secular office, but if faith is the litmus test for that office, to many of us, Romney's Mormon faith is no more bizarre than Huckabee's evangelical faith.

Huckabee has shown his true colors: exploit religion and plant the seeds of trepidation for political gain. I'd like to remind your readers that Barry Goldwater, the father of the American conservative movement, was part Jewish (on his father's side). What self-serving nonsense would Huckabee dish-up about this Republican icon's ancestry?

At a minimum, Huckabee owes Mitt Romney an apology. And perhaps, he should do a little soul searching himself.
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Carol Molnau: Chief Excuse Maker

Category: I-35 Bridge
Posted: 12/11/07 16:39

by Dave Mindeman

Ron Carey, the GOP State Chair, has a new gotcha phrase. Every time someone mentions that Carol Molnau should resign, he retorts with, "But what about Mark Ritchie?".... and he says it as if it should be self explanatory.

Well when it comes to a comparison of the two, I have four sentences that also should be self explanatory:

Mark Ritchie was stupid.
Carol Molnau is incompetent.

Mark Ritchie's stupidity has cost the state nothing.
Carol Molnau's incompetence has cost the state millions.

Molnau's problems are front and center again today. The House Commerce and Labor Committee faulted Molnau and her department for the outrageous delays and cost problems for the Wakota bridge project. And she responds with a 14 page letter (14 pages!) saying its not her fault. And get this. She said that the revised bid of the contractor (Lunda) was "not in the best interest of the taxpayers".

The House committee says it was a MnDOT problem. Mediators say MnDOT was the problem. Lunda says MnDOT was the problem. Everybody agrees except Department Commissioner and chief excuse maker, Carol Molnau.

How is a 14 month delay in construction in the best interest of the taxpayers? How is a cost overrun of over two times the original estimate in the best interest of the taxpayers?

And how is this continuing level of incompetence, in the best interest of Minnesota taxpayers?

Carol Molnau is the only one who seems to know the answer. Maybe its in that 14 page letter somewhere.

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