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Sarah Palin: Her "Platform" for Reform

Category: Sarah Palin
Posted: 09/01/08 01:42

by Dave Mindeman

It is going to be enjoyable to watch Republicans tout the exploits of the "reformer" Governor, Sarah Palin. They say she took on the establishment and brought economic prosperity to Alaska. But you have not been told the details of how that happened.

Governor Palin has found the secret to balancing a state budget while sending $1200 rebate checks to every Alaskan citizen. It is a truly remarkable accomplishment and I encourage every Republican to heed her example.

You see, Governor Palin found the perfect revenue source....


Yes, the very thing that Democrats have been pushing for since last year. The very idea that Congressional Republicans have been blocking and foiling at every turn.

Her "platform" of reform is essentially an oil rig.


Katrina vs Gustav

Category: Presidential Politics
Posted: 08/31/08 18:26

by Dave Mindeman

I have to applaud John McCain for putting the skids on the RNC festivities. With Gustav bearing down on New Orleans, it was the right thing to do. There is little doubt that there was political motivations, but, despite all that, it was still the right thing to do.

I visited New Orleans last spring and it is really unnerving to see how much is yet to be done. The French Quarter is back and so are the visitors, but the poorer neighborhoods are still locked in time from 3 years ago.

It is unimaginable that it could all happen again. The levees are still inadequate and the same areas that were devastated before will probably get hit again. But, this time, memories of Katrina will save the lives. People will move. Government will act. The things that are supposed to happen will happen.

Funny how a government debacle and a political convention can change all the dynamics.

I Stand Corrected

Category: Tim Pawlenty
Posted: 08/30/08 07:38, Edited: 08/31/08 18:05

by Roxanne Mindeman

I thought it was impossible that John McCain could make a more ridiculous choice than Tim Pawlenty. I stand corrected.


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