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Patriotism: Real vs Fake

Category: US Politics
Posted: 06/01/08 19:24

by Tom Hammond

As a small boy during World War II, I learned a lot about patriotism. I learned that true patriotism is more about substance than symbols. It is about doing what is right for America , not just waving flags and wearing lapel pins.

Much of what we call patriotism today is nothing but emotional platitudes. Opposing an unjust and unwise war is patriotic, fighting one is not. Speaking the ugly truth about Iraq is patriotic; lying about weapons of mass destruction and ties to Al Qaeda is not. Passing the G.I. Bill to provide college educations for our troops is patriotic, using troops as a background for President Bush?s speeches is not.

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Right Wing Fantasyland

Category: US Politics
Posted: 06/01/08 19:22

by Tom Hammond

Celebrity chef, Rachael Ray, a terrorist? My God, who?s next? Shirley Temple? Snow White? Cinderella?

It is perfectly normal for right-wing conservatives to see terrorists under every rock and behind every tree. But now they see the scarf that Rachael Ray wore for a Dunkin? Donut commercial as support for Muslim extremism and terrorism.

These right-wing screwballs, nutcases, whacko?s have truly passed through fantasyland and have entered Paranoia Heaven.

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Al Franken? What If We Would Have Had This Guy?

Category: Al Franken
Posted: 06/01/08 16:08

by Dave Mindeman

Boy, the DFL Senate race has its problems. Al Franken is in a heap of trouble with all those nasty words he has uttered or written over his career.

But it could be worse. Think of this candidate from a few years ago:

1) He had nude pictures of himself which were widely distributed on the internet...and on gay p** sites; they are still there.
2) He had numerous sexual harrassment charges and admitted that some of them were true....while he was married.
3) He admitted to smoking pot and hash -- one incident recorded.
4) Was rumored to have participated in orgies.
5) Used steroids routinely...over several years and did not deny it.
6) His father was a member of the Nazi Party.
7) Had a 1977 interview in OUI magazine that discussed a multiple sex liason with graphic language.

Wow! Just think if you had to support that candidate in an election. No way?

But this guy was a Republican and he had the full support of his party. And, (gasp) he won his election.

Maybe you guessed that this guy was Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Governor of California with current approval ratings through the roof.

Now, Al Franken may not be the right choice for the Minnesota Senate this year.... the delegates will have to decide that. But for Pete's sake, don't let some off-color words he may have written years in the past be the basis on whether or not you give him your support.

Republicans want to keep distracting everyone from the record of Norm Coleman and by golly, they are doing a pretty darn good job of it, because we let them.
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