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Iowa Poll: Huckabee Ahead of McCain? Are You Kidding?

Category: US Politics
Posted: 06/19/07 23:59

by Dave Mindeman

Is John McCain finished? I realize it is pretty early to be making any final pronouncements but it is hard to imagine a more accelerated fall from grace than the "straight talk express".

New poll numbers from Iowa show McCain is now running behind Mike Huckabee? Egads! Huckabee is at 7% and McCain is in an embarrassing tie with Sam Brownback at 6% apiece.

Mitt Romney has bought his way to a 25% showing and the lead in the pack. Fred Thompson hasn't spent a cent but still managed a nice 17% showing...Guiliani is 3rd with 15%.

But, to me, the McCain train wreck is hard to imagine. Oh, I know McCain is focusing on New Hampshire and its tempting pool of independent voters who came to his rescue last time. But if McCain ends up with a dismal showing in Iowa like this.... heck, not even New Hampshire can save him.

His critics will surely point to his immigration stance. Probably true. But the "surge" support didn't help either.

Could we be seeing McCain's last hurrah? If second quarter fund raising is as disastrous as current polling..... hmmm... bye-bye Johnny.
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Minnesota Health Care: mnpACT! Symposium

Category: Minnesota Politics
Posted: 06/19/07 17:01

by Dave Mindeman

On June 30th, mnpACT! will be hosting a Health Care Symposium from 1pm to 3:30pm. This is the first in a series of issue oriented action events that mnpACT! is sponsoring to connect our legislators with active community members concerned about progressive issues.

This event will have guest speaker, Kip Sullivan outlining the history and failures of our past attempts at health care reform... as well as his vision of a full single payer universal coverage system.

We have also invited some of the newly elected south metro legislators to participate.... those who have confirmed are Senator John Doll of Burnsville, Rep. Will Morgan of Burnsville, Rep. Shelley Madore of Apple Valley, Senator Jim Carlson of Eagan, and Rep. David Bly of Northfield. Each of these legislators have made strong committments to health care access for every Minnesotan. They will be talking about the efforts during the last legislative session and the roadmap for the next one, going into 2008.

This is a great opportunity for everyone to join a substantive discussion on a crucial topic for all of us.

Join us at Open Circle Church in Burnsville...directions here.

Watch for other action for activists events coming soon.
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Mr. President, Please Build That Wall!?

Category: US Politics
Posted: 06/19/07 15:47

by Dave Mindeman

Let's build a wall.

That's what we need. A wall. A monument to our total ineptness.

We are fighting wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. We have troops stationed in South Korea, Germany, Kuwait, and Japan. We have a defense budget which would rank in the top 10 for world economies. Yet, we need to build a wall.

A wall to secure and protect us from people who are doing the same thing that our immigrant ancestors wanted to do. To better themselves....to find a new life.

In this day and age, you would think that building walls would be a measure for protection. Yet, this wall has very little to do with that. No, this wall is merely a symbol. A symbol of a broken immigration system. A biased immigration system. A non-workable bureaucratic immigration system.

Our politicians need something tangible...something for show. They can't or won't inspect more than 1% of the goods that go through our ports. They can't or won't stop a man with a virulent strain of TB crossing our northern border. They have an ever growing "watch" list of over half a million people filled with grandmothers, babies, and dead people. They have unmanageable waiting lists of people requesting immigration while at the same time can't keep track of people on temporary visas.

Estimated cost of this "wall" is $2.2 billion... when all is said and done it will be more than that. Couldn't this money be better spent modernizing a pathetic visa record keeping system? or putting together a comprehensive guest worker program that keeps track of who comes in and who comes out? or making a watch list that is actually useful?

To classify this immigration debate as "securing our borders" is a cruel joke. Frankly, any debate about securing borders would put a wall on our southern border way down the list of priorities.

But build it, we shall. Why, because we need something to point to... something to show the world how truly incompetent we are.
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