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The Bargain With Betty Candidate Test

Category: Al Franken
Posted: 07/19/08 06:19

by Dave Mindeman

We have a new litmus test for Democrats in Minnesota. It would seem that candidates now have to play the "Bargain with Betty" game in order to have a viable candidacy.

Rep. Betty McCollum "isn't picking sides " (???) in the Democratic primary, while admitting she doesn't know much about Priscilla Lord Faris. Although she does know one thing about her -- she's not Al Franken.

McCollum seems to be more worried about other state races lately, than her own. I realize that McCollum represents a pretty safe Democratic district, so maybe she has forgotten how tough it can be to run a truly competitive one. Why else would she establish herself as an obstacle rather than an asset for a fellow Democrat's campaign? She does realize that Al Franken is an endorsed Democrat doesn't she?

I'm not sure what Rep. McCollum expects to accomplish by wanting a "meeting" with Franken. Is she looking for a "rewrite" on Franken's past tomes? Is she expecting Al to come up with magic dust that prevents Republican attacks?

What we are getting from Betty McCollum, is a clearer picture of her. An elected Democrat who has little respect for the endorsement process. Who meddles in campaigns that don't meet her own arbitrary criteria. A power broker wannabe who would rather damage a Democratic candidate than allow for McCollum preceived flaws.

This isn't the first time the "Bargain with Betty" test has been used on a Democrat. In 2006, Coleen Rowley didn't meet the McCollum standard for the perfect candidate and she encouraged and supported Sharon Marko to run against her. McCollum seems to latch onto challengers (Ciresi and Marko) who think they can bypass grass roots support and simply be "coronated" as "Betty's choice".

It would seem that Rep. McCollum has little respect for the hard work involved in building a grass roots candidacy.

I guess we will all have to take that into consideration before we get any Betty McCollum for Governor bumper stickers.

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The Independence Party: The Party of What Might Have Been

Posted: 07/18/08 16:46, Edited: 07/18/08 22:09

by Dave Mindeman

Jesse decided not to run for US Senate. Good or bad, I don't know. But the flurry of activity that surrounded filings at the Secretary of State's office for the Independence Party's Senate nominee begs a question.

Is there a reason for the Independence Party to exist?

Under the liberal tenets of the State of Minnesota, the Independence Party still has "major" party status. But does it deserve it? Boy, that's questionable.

The Party (under the Reform Party moniker at the time) rocketed to fame on the coattails of Jesse Ventura's surprise win for Governor in 1998. The euphoria for the party was unquenchable. But what has happened since is a classic study in wasted and trashed political capital.

The Indepenence Party (as it was called later) had an opportunity afforded to no other third party structure. They had a newsworthy standard bearer, they had national attention, and they had the opportunity for party building. All the things that a political party dreams of getting -- and they had acquired it in a short span of time. And maybe that's why it all fell apart.

The Standard Bearer

As a standard bearer, Jesse Ventura could simply walk into a room and make news. He was a lightning rod. And even though he was controversial, the Independence Party had someone who could, at the very least, command attention. But, Jesse didn't transfer his fame to his party. He enjoyed the limelight a little too much and was probably a bit too conceited to allow others in the third party movement to share in his success.

It became clear that Jesse's focus was Jesse alone. He didn't help the party raise money. He didn't help recruit candidates, nor did he support the ones who ran under the I-P label.

And, the party lacked strong leadership to build on that sudden success. Most of the people responsible for Jesse's successful campaign (Dean Barkley, etc.), joined the government and left the party to fend for itself. They preferred the short term view of government influence rather than any long term view of building a viable party.

National Attention

The nation was stunned in 1998. Jesse really did shock the world. Ventura basked in the limelight, getting national interviews and an infinite number of requests for meetings with reporters. But Jesse kept the focus on what he did.... the party received none of the recognition. Nobody looked beneath the surface to see if there was a viable party mechanism under the bluster.

And in reality, there wasn't. But the opportunity to build something was certainly there, and it was lost in Jesse's aura. Ventura is certainly mostly to blame for that, but there were no party builders willing to shoulder the load and construct a state wide apparatus either. The success was too sudden and swift...and as it turned out very fleeting.

Opportunities Squandered

With the success of Ventura, there should have been efforts to build party units at the local levels. There were token structures but they were left isolated and unsupported. Enthusiastic candidates received no help and were left on their own...financially and structurally.

The biggest opportunity would have been 2002. Ventura needed to be engaged to help his party pick up legislative seats. It not only was needed to strengthen the party, but Ventura needed the help legislatively. He had no caucus to guide legislation.... not even one person. But Ventura remained disengaged from the party and preferred the combative approach...dealing with the legislature directly from the Executive office, rather than any negotiation within the chambers. It was a fatal political tactic.... for Jesse and for the party itself.

Other opportunities were presented during the critical tenure of Ventura's governorship. Bob Lessard became an independence party in 2000...but he never seemed to develop any relationship with Ventura or the party, and retired shortly thereafter. Sheila Kiscaden turned to the Independence Party toward the end of Ventura's term in 2002. She won her election with little help from the Party and ended up caucusing with the Republicans. Later,she turned Democrat before her retirement. Her flirtation with the Independence Party a blip on the radar.

Seeking out sitting members of the legislature like Lessard or Kiscaden would have given the party some leadership....something to build on. But the party never cultivated those opportunities and their attempts to groom candidates are feeble at best.

Senate 2008

That brings us to today. The Independence Party is still in a state of disarray....looking for another personality to fill the Jesse void. There are now SEVEN candidates for the US Senate nomination. Seven! That is not an indication of party popularity. No, that is more an indication of a party with no plan or a pathway to one. Dean Barkley is running because Jesse Ventura is not. Jack Uldrich (a party founder) wants to somehow get the 5% needed in the Senate election to maintain major party status. Stephen Williams is their endorsed candidate (if that has any meaning). Doug Williams ran as a Congressional candidate in the 2nd District but must want a higher profile (such as it is). And as for Doug Stanton, Kurt Anderson, and Bill Dahn...who knows?

Is everything simply ego in this party? Probably. Does anybody want to put a structure together? It is doubtful.

This party had an opportunity. They had a brief moment in time when they could have started a viable movement. Minnesota is a state that is known to support the unusual. To help candidates that fit outside the box.

But that isn't going to happen with the Independence Party. They have lost the spark and are now just blowing smoke.

Note: Although now corrected, the original version of this post had listed John Wodele as part of the Ventura campaign who joined the Ventura administration.... John Wodele contacted me to correct me on this. Wodele worked for the Ventura administration but was never part of the campaign. He has only been involved in Democratic campaigns and currently is involved with the 6th District campaign of Elwyn Tinklenburg. My apologies to Mr. Wodele for the error.
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Oh - Oh! Another Rape Joke!

Category: Minnesota Politics
Posted: 07/17/08 17:36, Edited: 07/17/08 18:17

by Dave Mindeman

Oh-oh. Looks like Politico found another offensive joke about rape. They published it today.... hold your nose and read on:

"Did you hear the one about the woman who is attacked on the street by a gorilla, beaten senseless, raped repeatedly and left to die? When she finally regains consciousness and tries to speak, her doctor leans over to hear her sigh contently and to feebly ask, 'Where is that marvelous ape?'"

Sorry...I realize that it isn't even remotely funny....but it is out there in print, so you might as well be warned.

Al Franken? Oh, did you think it was Al Franken?

Sorry...wrong guy. Read the rest of the article here.

That's right...that came from John McCain in 1986.

And remember, this was a joke he told....not some overheard conversation in a private meeting room.

Surely, Ron Carey will be holding a news conference and Laura Brod will be making another trip to Washington. Don't you think?


....just an additional note on McCain...

At a New Mexico Town Hall meeting, McCain introduced the GOP Senate candidate for Pete Domenici's seat this way:

McCain: "Could I mention the presence of my friend Congressman Steve Pearce who I believe will be joining me in the United States Senate.
Steve, thank you"

Glad to hear you won't be losing that Senate parking space.....
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