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Norm Coleman: Let's Be Straight With the American People

Category: Norm Coleman
Posted: 06/02/08 07:12

by Dave Mindeman

We have to be straight with the American people.....

A Republican party that can?t do fiscal discipline and national security is in trouble.

--Norm Coleman, speech to 2008 MN GOP Convention

I agree with Senator Coleman here...let's be straight with the American people. How about we start with real definitions of the two things he mentions -- Fiscal Discipline and Security.

First of all, there has been no fiscal discipline during Coleman's term. None. They have given obscene tax cuts to the wealthy and privileged while taking on expensive new domestic programs with zero thought about how to pay for them.

Secondly...on the security front. They poured billions of dollars of off budget spending into the bottomless pit of Iraq. It doesn't take an economic genius to see the obvious result -- huge deficits and enormous debt. They have equated border security with physical fences. Another enormous financial burden that doesn't even work. They have created an entire cabinet post, Homeland Security, that has a complex structure with little end product. FEMA was a disaster and airport security is a joke.

So, the conclusion of Senator Coleman's premise is that the Republican Party is in trouble. They have to be, because there has never been a time on their watch when fiscal discipline and security ever occurred to the satisfaction of the American people.

So, is Senator Coleman asking us to trust him with another chance? Are we to judge his success on that premise?

The track record is clear. Six years of Senator Coleman has led this nation to an endless war and endless debt. That would be being straight with the American people
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Patriotism: Real vs Fake

Category: US Politics
Posted: 06/01/08 19:24

by Tom Hammond

As a small boy during World War II, I learned a lot about patriotism. I learned that true patriotism is more about substance than symbols. It is about doing what is right for America , not just waving flags and wearing lapel pins.

Much of what we call patriotism today is nothing but emotional platitudes. Opposing an unjust and unwise war is patriotic, fighting one is not. Speaking the ugly truth about Iraq is patriotic; lying about weapons of mass destruction and ties to Al Qaeda is not. Passing the G.I. Bill to provide college educations for our troops is patriotic, using troops as a background for President Bush?s speeches is not.

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Right Wing Fantasyland

Category: US Politics
Posted: 06/01/08 19:22

by Tom Hammond

Celebrity chef, Rachael Ray, a terrorist? My God, who?s next? Shirley Temple? Snow White? Cinderella?

It is perfectly normal for right-wing conservatives to see terrorists under every rock and behind every tree. But now they see the scarf that Rachael Ray wore for a Dunkin? Donut commercial as support for Muslim extremism and terrorism.

These right-wing screwballs, nutcases, whacko?s have truly passed through fantasyland and have entered Paranoia Heaven.

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